Find out about the most famous malls and shopping centers in Abu Dhabi for shopping in order to buy the best clothes of international brands, including abayas, men’s, women’s and accessories, in addition to the attachments in each mall in simplified points on the Arab Travelers website.

The best malls and commercial centers in Abu Dhabi:

The commercial centers are one of the most important tourism attractions in Abu Dhabi, as the city contains the most famous shopping centers around the world, which are characterized by a large number of shops with international brands.

Abu Dhabi Mall:

  • The Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the most important malls in the city, where lovers of shopping from everywhere accept it, and it is one of the huge malls that include all the goods and services of high quality, as the mall receives more than 40 thousand customers per day, which is suitable for families .
  • Abu Dhabi Mall contains more than 200 shops, including the Paris International Gallery for exquisite French perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to Zara, which offers the best international fashion.
  • Children can play in the private arenas that contain many impressive games, which young children love.
  • You can eat your favorite food in the most luxurious restaurants in the mall, it includes more than forty international restaurants and distributed throughout the mall and on each floor, wherever you feel hungry you will find a restaurant waiting for you.
  • The best exclusive films can be seen in the equipped movie theaters after a hard day shopping.
  • The mall is open every day from 10 until 10 in the evening.

Yas Mall Abu Dhabi:

  • Most tourists accept Yas Mall, where it won the title of most visited mall for the past year.
  • Yas Mall is one of the largest malls in Abu Dhabi and enjoys a great location, twenty minutes from the heart of the city and ten minutes from the international airport.
  • The area of ​​the mall reaches more than 2 and a half million square feet, and contains many stores selling clothes and various tools wholesale and retail, and it is characterized by the entry of the sun to it from all sides, which increases its beauty and magnificence and makes it shining bright in a very attractive way.
  • The mall contains more than 300 shops and 60 restaurants in addition to luxurious cafes internally and externally spread over 3 floors.
  • You will feel that the mall is alive with all the roles under one huge roof and is designed by the most famous international engineers.
  • In the mall there are many entertainment such as games for children and adults.
  • You can dine in restaurants known for serving very tasty dishes.
  • For a great conclusion to your trip, do not forget to visit the Fox Cinema Hall, which specializes in showing the latest 3D movies in addition to the gold halls and movie halls that show the films of young children.
  • The mall is open from ten in the morning for 12 hours and seven days a week.

The Galleria Mall of Abu Dhabi:

  • It is one of the most luxurious malls in Abu Dhabi, with an area of ​​more than 1.4 million square meters, which is a very large area and contains more than a hundred shops and was newly built in 2013.
  • Among the many stores that are in the mall are fifty modern local brands, including Magnolia Bakery, and have been able to prove their worth amid the huge competition in the UAE market.
  • The Galleria Mall of Abu Dhabi is the best place to buy jewelry, precious watches, and men’s fragrances, in addition to the latest fashion trends in fashion, shoes and bags, and many of the huge festivals in the mall are organized regularly.
  • You can sit in the mall where there are many huge cafes open at the mall in addition to participate in the Fox Cinema, which displays the best and most recent movies of all time.
  • Restaurants in the mall are the most delicious dishes by excellent chefs. The food in the mall will be really different and there is also a possibility to serve American fast food and cafes that enjoy unique views of the sea directly with a beautiful and relaxing image.
  • As for the mall opening times, it is open every day from ten in the morning, until 11 in the evening on days from Saturday to Wednesday.
  • On Thursday, it is open from ten o’clock until midnight. Friday from 12 noon to midnight.

Madinat Zayed Shopping Center:

  • It is one of the largest and most important shopping centers in the capital Abu Dhabi, and it is located on the road connecting to the city’s international airport.
  • Madinat Zayed Shopping Center contains about 400 shops and is built on a huge area and offers the best luxury women’s clothing and the latest fashion in men’s clothing, and clothes suitable for all ages and tastes.

Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi:

  • Do not miss the visit of Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi, as it is today one of the most important commercial centers that attract tourists.
  • The mall has won the prize for the best mall in Abu Dhabi three times in a row.
  • As for the shops in it, it contains a huge number of international shops, and more than 60 thousand customers visit it per month.
  • You can walk around the mall in the dazzling fashion provided by the shops and buy whatever you like, as the prices in the mall are very appropriate.
  • It is one of the best places to buy souvenirs for family and friends, as you will find many shops specialized in providing gifts.
  • In the event that you feel the hassle of shopping, feel free to sit in cafes, which have a wonderful view of the mall square.
  • You can also try Arab, Turkish and Moroccan restaurants, which are delicious dishes prepared by wonderful chefs and ready to serve you.
  • In the mall there are cinemas and playgrounds for children to play as a kind of entertainment and develop their skills at the same time.
  • The mall works every day of the week from ten o’clock until eleven o’clock in the evening.

Khalidiyah Mall:

  • It is located a short distance from the Abu Dhabi Corniche and is known for its embodiment of elegant Islamic architecture, a feature not enjoyed by any other commercial mall in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The mall has over 150 shops, the most famous of which are Debenhams and BHC.
  • If you want to dazzle your wife with international cosmetics or buy electronic devices, all of this is available in the mall in addition to a full hypermarket to buy food and drinks.
  • In the mall there are a lot of cafes and places to eat in addition to the cinema halls in 3D purification, which show interesting films and suitable for all family members.

Al Raha Mall:

  • It is one of the excellent malls in the United Arab Emirates at all, and it is the preferred destination for lovers of tranquility and comfort if you feel weary of crowded and bustling malls.
  • As for the area of ​​the mall, it is 35 thousand square meters, and you will find many international shops specialized in shoes and fashion and places to buy furniture and various electronic tools.
  • There is a mall that specializes in providing educational toys for different age groups in order to increase your child’s ability to think and develop his skills.
  • It is one of the best places in Abu Dhabi, as it offers great performances of concerts and various shows

Marina Mall:

  • Marina Mall was opened in 2001 and its area exceeds 122 thousand square meters and it is located within walking distance of the Etihad Towers and so far it has great fame and an important presence on the commercial market square in the Emirates.
  • What makes Marina Mall have its own visitors is that it owns the first store of the Premier League team around the world, where you will find Manchester City, which contains everything you dream of owning from the club’s shirts, which are definitely authentic. You can also ask for your name to be printed on your favorite player’s club shirt so that you can have something unique for yourself.
  • It is one of the best destinations for shopping lovers because it contains many entertainment in addition to restaurants that enjoy unique views of the impressive beaches of Abu Dhabi.

Avenue Etihad Towers:

  • One of the largest shopping towers in Abu Dhabi.
  • You will find over 43 luxury international shops, including Hermes and Chloe brand.
  • You will find many great and different stores in terms of the goods that display them between clothes and luxury accessories. There are also international restaurants in the towers, the most famous of which is the French restaurant Fauchon.

Al-Ayoon Shopping Complex:

  • It is one of the largest complexes ever, as the complex is built on an area of ​​108 thousand square feet, and it consists of two floors, each of which has many stores that offer different commodities such as cosmetics, fashion and exquisite perfumes in addition to home furniture and household necessities.
  • The mall has many amenities including ice rinks, bowling lounges and movie theaters.

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