Directory of names The best malls near the Nile In detail, Cairo is one of the most magnificent cities and places where there are many tourist places in the Arab Republic of Egypt, there are cultural and recreational as well as historical places, in addition to the wide popularity and wonderful nightlife that Cairo enjoys, where the Nile Corniche is crowded with visitors who come to it to enjoy Seeing the Nile in the evening hours next to the many cafes that are on its banks, and the city of Cairo is keen to provide malls, luxury, economic and popular shopping centers to suit all groups, and other elements that help them to be one of the most important tourist destinations To exist in the world.

The best malls near the Nile:

Many people love shopping, and they are constantly searching for everything new in the world of fashion in various shopping places, and given Cairo has a significant tourist place, and people gather around the Nile Corniche to enjoy its view, we find a multiplicity in its shopping centers, most of which are At a high level of sophistication and attractiveness, in order to help tourists and citizens reach such places as:

  • Ramses Hilton Mall

This center is located behind Ramses Hilton Hotel, specifically in the Maspero area of ​​Greater Cairo, and is close to the Radio and Television Building, Abdel Moneim Riad Square and the Egyptian Museum, and the nearest metro station to Ramses Hilton Mall is Sadat Metro Station.
This mall is considered one of the most beautiful malls in Cairo because it is located close to the Nile Corniche area, so when you start a tour inside the mall, the first floor has a restaurant that belongs to the Ramses Hilton hotel and a number of ATMs, while the second floor has two restaurants, one of them is italyn The other is Lebanese, and this mall contains a number of famous shoe stores such as Nike, Idas and clothing stores, and there is also another store that is the most famous gift shop, while on the last floor of the mall there is the Hilton Theater and the Hilton Ramses cinema, which is the best Cairo cinema, Beside that in this The floor has a McDonald’s restaurant, and a section dedicated Bojd Bamol for children, and there is also the last floor lounge Billiards games.

  • Talaat Harb Mall

It is considered one of the best modern malls in the city of Cairo, and Talaat Harb Mall is famous for the availability of all its shopping purposes, and there is Talaat Harb Street, so it was named after the street in which it was established, and Malika returns this mall to the National Bank of Egypt, and is famous for selling clothes and the presence of many Of the famous restaurants, this mall consists of five floors next to the ground floor, and the mall contains a number of clothing stores, all of which are intended for young men and men only, and some clothing stores dedicated to girls. There is also a place for all, and another is the place of the most famous gift shop. On the ground floor there is a Kentucky restaurant And the subsidiary restaurant.

  • Arcadia Mall

This mall is located on the Nile Corniche, Ramlet Bulaq, it is a huge commercial building erected on the banks of the Nile, and it is one of the private malls owned by a number of businessmen, and is the first mall of its kind in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where it was designed by the most famous American company In the field of architecture, which is the HOK company, the company that ranked first in the world in terms of designing a multi-use building and purpose, this mall has been specifically designed to attract tourists and families from Arabs and foreigners, where there are many shops selling children and women’s and men’s clothing as well as shops The accessory At hours, watches, shoes and bags inside the mall, in addition to shops selling furniture, furniture and telephones, and stores dedicated to hotel supplies and a number of restaurants in addition to a supermarket, next to Nile River offers.

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