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The city of Zurich is one of the most important and most important tourist destinations in Switzerland, the city of money and business, and the city of Zurich has a large number of global markets, in which you will find everything you need from global luxury fashions, a number of jewelry stores and luxury accessories, as well as the finest types of global chocolate, which you will not find an instance It has only in Switzerland, and there is also a large group of charming tonight hotels and international restaurants, all of this in addition to the charming climatic nature.

Best shopping places in Zurich

1- Balnov Street:

Balnov Street is one of the most famous tourist streets in the city of Zurich and is a major destination for all shopping lovers worldwide, but this street is one of the most expensive streets of Switzerland at all, but it has all the very famous international brands, as this market includes a large number of stores Accessories, clothes and watches that you will never find in their quality.

2- The famous Hefty-Platz market:

This market is also one of the most famous markets in Zurich and it is very popular and popular with all tourists and even for the Swiss people. You can get the best and cheapest things in this market, but you have to wake up early in order to go to this market and get all you want.
You can get a fresh set of cheese, meat, bread, fruits and pure vegetables from the best of nature if you go to this market, but if you are a flower lover you have to choose a group of rare flowers that you will only find there and you can also get a group of seedlings For you to plant it and always enjoy it is a really great opportunity.

3- Bahnhof Weekly Market:

Saturday is the most famous day in the main hall of the Zurich city train station, as on this day the place turns into a large square for sellers who display a large variety of very delicious Swiss foods, and you can also purchase all the fashion, antiques and authentic Swiss products. From this market, but the most enjoyable category of this market is the one who loves to eat, as you can try a group of the most delicious traditional Swiss foods that are served in this market.

4- MarketKinsley For used goods:

If you are a fan of searching for used and inexpensive goods of international quality at the same time, you should visit Kanazli Market, which is one of the largest popular markets that are established in the city of Zurich, and there are more than 400 merchants who offer a large group of different goods and whatever The thing you are looking for will be found in this market. Old books, bicycles and electric tools are sold. The market also includes a large collection of very valuable handicrafts and ceramics. There are also very rare pieces of jewelry, jewelry and very rare art paintings.

5- Rosenhof Seasonal Market:

If you go to Zurich in the period between March and November, you are really lucky that you can visit the seasonal Rosenhof which takes place in this period every year, the market includes a large group of sellers who offer Swiss and other imported goods From all countries of the world.
If you are a fan of searching for rare gemstones, handmade clay pots, leather goods, antiques and gifts, you should visit this market and this market is the largest popular market in the city of Zurich, and you can also try a group of traditional fast food that is sold and offered in this market.

6- Kremsas Markets:

If you go to Zurich during the period between September and December, then you are a lucky person, but if you are a fan of parties, the streets of Zurich city all turn into large popular markets that include hundreds of sellers who are spread all over the place, and you can collect everything you want From these markets, which are held on the occasion of the celebration of Christmas and New Year, and you can choose a large collection of antiques, watches, jewelry and flowers that are very rare.

7- Mercatino Rimani Market:

But if you are a fan of the search for fashion and international fashion, you should go to the Mercato market in Zurich, which includes a large group of international fashion designers, and this market is also one of the very cheap global markets compared to its international quality.
Also, this market includes a large group of young people who display the used clothes and international watches in high quality and at moderate prices that suit everyone.
In the end, if you go to the city of money and business, the city of Zurich, you should not forget to bring you an hour or a piece of accessory, as you will not find an analogous in all countries of the world, but you also must not forget to give your friends and loved ones a group of rare chocolate bars.


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