The most famous and cheapest guide to shopping places in Bali according to the experiences of travelers. Exclusive secrets you can find on the Arab Travelers website, and the most important thing that distinguishes Bali is that it contains a large number of famous tourist attractions, among which are the distinguished shopping centers that provide the highest services, and through this article we will get to know The most important and best centers and markets in Bali.

Guide to the most beautiful and famous markets of Bali:

First: Kuta Beach Walk Market:

Kuta Beach Walk is one of the most famous markets in Bali, and this market is characterized by distinctive design besides it is located directly across from the Kuta Beach, this market includes many distinctive restaurants along with a large group of cafes that have the most beautiful drinks Which is liked by many, and not only that, but the market also contains a 3D cinema, which provides the pleasure of watching the latest diverse films.

Second: Seminyak Village Market:

Seminyak Village is one of the most famous shopping centers in Bali, because it is one of the newest shopping malls that opened in the year two thousand and fifteen, and the most important thing about that center is that it includes a large group of shops that provide all kinds of different commodities, As this center includes a very large number of clothes shops in all international brands for women and men and children as well, in addition to a large group of shoe stores, this center is considered one of the most attractive commercial centers for visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Third: Bali Collection Market:

Bali Collection is considered to be one of the most famous shopping centers in Bali, because it is located specifically in the Nusa Dua region and the center belongs to some of the tourist villages of that region, and this center includes a large group of various shops that include women clothing stores as well as children and men’s clothes , As those stores include the most famous international brands, and the center also has a group of distinctive restaurants that provide the highest level of quality, in addition to the distinguished cafes that offer the most beautiful and varied drinks, not only that, but the Bali Collection Center includes many disruptive activities Of.

Fourthly: Jalan Bybas Market:

The Jalan Nipas Nograh markets is one of the most popular shopping places in Bali, because this market is one of the markets that includes many different shops, and all the goods are available in this market, where the market includes a group of souvenir shops, as well as shops selling Statues and many other commodities.

Fifthly: Aboud Market:

The Aboud Market is one of the most famous markets in the island of Bali. The activity in this market is limited to many diverse food products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other food. The market also includes a group of shops selling attractive handicrafts.

Sixth: Bali Galleria Mall:

The Bali Galleria Mall is one of the best shopping centers located in Bali, where the Bali Galleria Center contains a large group of distinctive shops, which have all kinds of goods that can be needed, as it displays a lot of goods with international brands, as well as The Bali Galleria Center includes many high-end furniture stores and the factory is of international quality. The center also has a large supermarket that includes many different commodities. There is also a large square in the same place, and there are many restaurants and cafes that can eat and the most beautiful types of drinks and completeShopping for a new from.

Seventh: Libo Mall:

One of the most important shopping centers on the island of Bali is Libo Mall, as it is located in the Kuta region, and despite the smallness of this center, it includes a large number of diverse shops, which are of high quality, and all the goods in that center are from the latest brands International, and the Libo Mall also includes a number of restaurants that have delicious foods and dishes, as well as a number of cafes that provide all kinds of distinctive drinks.

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