The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour

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Delhi has many markets that give you pleasure, and therefore it is ranked as the best market in India. It contains a large diversity of commodities from different parts of the country. From artefacts to antiques, and fun clothes.

Here is a detailed tour of the best markets in Delhi

Dilli Haat Deli

Deli Hat is one of the largest markets in Delhi and designed, to resemble a traditional Indian village through thatched huts roofs, and bright colorful colors. The market contains artifacts from all parts of India, along with different foods. The market gives you to learn about the huge cultural diversity of India. And he performs live shows permanently, which makes you enjoy a lot of fun and joy. Working hours: from eleven in the morning until ten in the evening.The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourDilli Haat Read also: 8 cities to visit if you go to India

Janpath and Tibetan Market

It is one of the most famous markets in India, as it contains goods from all over India and Tibet, and is a great destination for buying some souvenirs. The market includes leather goods, low-priced jewelry, shoes, paintings, copper utensils and Indian antiquities. But you need high purchasing skills in order to get everything you want for a little money. Working hours: There is no fixed time for work, but the market opens its doors daily.1581206240 722 The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourJanpath and Tibetan Market

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One of the best markets in Delhi and a huge bazaar is a little messy, but it includes the most beautiful antiques, and the goods that remind you of this happy trip. The largest bubbles are held in this market, so remember to use all of your purchasing skills even; you do not end up losing much of your budget Goods vary between clothing, handicrafts, shoes, jewelry, books, textiles, musical instruments, perfumes, and hookah tubes. Working hours: daily until 9:00 pm.1581206240 885 The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourPaharganj Read also: The most popular shopping place in Mumbai

Chandni Chowk

Chandi Chowk has been a shopping district that has existed for hundreds of years, and is characterized by its narrow and many arcades, which makes shopping like a fun adventure. The market is divided into several bazaars, each of which specializes in selling certain goods. If you want to buy fabrics, head to Katra Neel. If you want to purchase electronic devices, head to Behirajath Palace Area. Drippa Kallan specializes in the sale of silver jewelry, and Kanari sells all that is special for the wedding starting from the sari. There is also Khari Paoli Road, which includes the largest spice market in Asia. Opening times: daily, except on Sundays.1581206240 384 The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourChandni Chowk

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Sarojini Nagar

The Sarogeni Najjar market is famous for selling low-priced designer clothes, and brands that have refused to export abroad due to minor manufacturing defects. Shops, stalls provide various types, tastes of clothing, and jewelry. All you have to do is look good in order to get the best goods. This makes it one of the best markets in Delhi. Sarujini Nagar also includes a candy market called; Babu Market, and another vegetable called Sulzi Mundi. Opening times: daily except for Mondays.1581206240 463 The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourSarojini Nagr

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Khan Kahn Market

Founded in 1851 U-shaped, Khan Market is the most classic market in Delhi. If you do not have the purchasing skills, then this is the ideal destination for you. It contains a number of Outlet stores, which provide goods and purchases at the lowest prices. The most characteristic of the market is bookstores, as well as sewing stores; it tells you a suit in less than a week. It also contains stores that provide; food, and Ayurvedic medicine, along with skin care products. Market to enjoy this wonderful atmosphere. Working hours: daily, except on Sundays.1581206240 468 The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tour - The best markets in Delhi .. a detailed tourKhan Kahn Market

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