The best places for honeymoon

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When the wedding date approaches, those wishing to travel to spend their honeymoon begin to search for the best places to go to, so that they provide them with fun, romantic atmosphere and unforgettable beautiful memories during this month, which will continue with them until the end of their lives, so choosing this place will not come until after the process A long period of research, verification and study, but we provide you with a list of the best of these places without the need for research and audit fatigue, including the following.

The best places for honeymoon


One of the modern destinations in the world of tourism, with increased demand by newlyweds to spend a romantic honeymoon with beautiful memories, as Myanmar’s cultural and cultural diversity helped create an Asian atmosphere of its own unique nature, and also contains one of the most famous resorts around the world, Which provides for newlyweds wonderful services of recreation and swimming, in addition to the atmosphere of romantic dinners that are held every night under the lights of jellyfish flying in the sky, and the resort also contains a number of swimming pools and lotus gardens.


An ideal place for new married couples who want to spend their honeymoon in retreat away from the annoying features of life, as this island is famous for its wonderful nature and beautiful beaches, in addition to multiple safari trips to learn about animal life in Africa, and also contains a distinctive resort far from the city, consisting of a number It is a detached villa from one another, which provides complete privacy for the grooms.


An ideal place for those wishing to enjoy Italian charm during their honeymoon, this medieval town offers an unforgettable experience for newlyweds between the ancient architectural architecture and the dense olive farms overlooking the beaches, in an atmosphere of romance and tranquility in the light of the simple life prevailing in it, far away On the troublesome developments of life, as newly married couples can enjoy the services of modern life through the high-end services provided by the five-star hotels scattered on its beaches.


Tahiti was and still is one of the most important areas that attract newly married couples to spend their honeymoon, because the island offers a romantic atmosphere, especially after the opening of its most famous resort, which is located on the island of Titiarua, where the resort was built on the villa system, but each villa in it consists of a room One, with the possibility to enjoy a refreshing shower in the fresh air, in addition to the swimming pools abound in the resort.

Sri Lanka

Despite its distance from the list of most visited places from tourists, this has greatly helped attract a number of tourists and new married couples to it, to enjoy its romantic atmosphere within its unspoiled nature, which has not yet been depleted by the large number of visitors, while enjoying safari tours and secluded beaches in it.


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