Guide to places of sweet Arab nights in Dubai 2020, Dubai knows that there is a large group of the sweetest and most wonderful entertainment places that make it the first interface for tourists as it provides you with a tour guide that will be your guide until you reach these places and enjoy the best times with family and friends.
And also enjoy the most beautiful and beautiful evening parties that suit families who love and prefer to go to this place and enjoy all the beautiful and charming scenery that attracted many tourists to it with its wonderful and distinctive scenery, where many tourists prefer to go to this place.

The best places for sweet Arabic evenings in Dubai 2020

Kufa Café and Restaurant

Where it is one of the most popular entertainment places that are suitable for the family, and its presence in this beautiful place makes you enjoy the most beautiful colors of classic Arab music and you can eat the most beautiful and delicious local and international cuisine.
In addition to the presence of the best known Egyptian and Lebanese dishes that have a great taste, there is also a café with the availability of hookah service as there is a place dedicated to the family, where Kufa Restaurant is characterized by its wonderful and distinguished place next to Al Nasr Club.

Kan Zaman Restaurant and Café

It is known from its name as it shows the ancient heritage found in the city of Dubai and has an important tourist place in the hearts of tourists and is a major reason for attracting tourism in the city of Dubai in large part because it is distinguished as having a magical view on the waters of the Gulf.
It is also famous for the oldest Arabic food, and next to it are many tourist attractions, the most important of which is the Heritage Village, and also the Diving Club, where there is also the Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum Palace.

Al Mamzar Park

Al Mamzar Park is one of the most beautiful parks and parks that exist in Dubai, and it is a suitable place for families as it has a distinctive view on the Dubai Creek, and the village of Al Boom is close to it, where it is one of the best parks.
And never miss a reservation on his classic marine vehicle until you enjoy the most beautiful cruises in (Dubai Creek) and also enjoy eating delicious cuisine in the most beautiful romantic and attractive atmosphere.
On your way, you will also see the Yacht Club, where there is a distinctive restaurant and has a distinctive and beautiful view of the Dubai Creek, where you can eat dinner when enjoying seeing the beautiful yachts, and the Dubai Marine Resort is close to it.
Where it is characterized by charming and attractive views of the sea, where there are distinctive and wonderful restaurants and offer the most beautiful local and international cuisine that have a wonderful and delicious taste.

Restaurant and theater The Act

The restaurant is characterized by the presence of the most beautiful international as well as popular dishes, as well as many theatrical shows and the restaurant is open every day throughout the week from nine in the evening until three in the morning, as it is the ideal place for the family to enjoy the best dinner and follow up on artistic shows such as the theater on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

Jumeirah Beach

It is the ideal place for lovers of tranquility and comfort, as it has the most beautiful outdoor tower and is suitable for families as it has a large high-ranking restaurant, which serves local and international cuisine.
Serving an impressive array of drinks and has a wonderful view of the beach, do not miss sitting in charming beautiful lounges and enjoying the beauty of the night in the marina and the city center, there are also the Palm Jumeirah Island and the beautiful Jumeirah Beach Road Beach.

Boracay Club

Hotel Asiana has charming rhythms and the most beautiful cuisine on an international level. You will feel you were in Manila, where you can eat while listening to the most beautiful musical tunes, which are mostly Filipino music.

360 ° club

It is one of the most beautiful entertainment clubs in the world with its distinctiveness due to its dynamic location at the end of Jumeirah Beach Walk, where it is characterized by the presence of the best restaurants and the best music, and it is one of the 100 best entertainment clubs in the world.
It hosts the most famous artists in Dubai, and has a wonderful and enjoyable atmosphere when dining with the most beautiful music and attractive views on the beach.


One of the most popular resorts in Dubai for families, and it is the place for all lovers of tranquility, relaxation, nature and sports, as well as eating in the beautiful sunshine that are present throughout the day on the sand to create a painting that impress the family.

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