Canada is a tourist dream to many people, especially Arab nationalities, who dream to travel there and enjoy the wonderful islands, and Canada is distinguished by its many wonderful islands that bustle with residents and visitors, as well as quiet remote islands that suit people who love calm and romance, and also has water parks for fun lovers And games and naughty as well as for families, and there are a lot of shopping places, which are very favorite for many, especially the female component who is always looking for global fashion trends.

Best tourist places in Canada:

1- The Old Kabeik District:

The Old Quebec region is one of the very famous and archaeological areas as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this region is one of the best examples of cities that were under colonial times, and there are many old colonial forts and defensive doors of the most powerful international forts.
We advise you to take a tour of the streets of this charming city, which is characterized by paved with colored pebbles and there are many shops that include the latest trends in international fashion, and if you are considered walking in the streets of this city, we advise you to sit on one of the Parisian cafes spread there.
Your old gloomy area

2- Niagara Falls:

The experience of going to Niagara Falls is a unique and unforgettable experience so you must try it and do not miss it, as it is considered the most beautiful and strong waterfall in North America at all, and comes to these waterfalls nearly 12 million visitors a year from all places to see more than 2 million liters Flowing water.
And if you want to enjoy a very romantic night, you can have dinner at Skillion Tower and enjoy a charming and romantic nightfall on Niagara Falls. After you finish your dinner, do not miss the opportunity to discover the shops and cafes of this charming city.
Niagara Falls

3- Prehistoric fossils for history and magic lovers:

But if you are a fan of history and lovers, you should go to see pre-historic fossils dating back to nearly 75 million years, and these fossils are located in the beautiful province of Alberta, and once you reach this province you will feel that you have returned to history before 75 A million years ago, as you will see three-dimensional fossils of the strangest and largest dinosaurs that lived in the past, and you will also enjoy the stunning scenery left by the winds and formed a panel of strange rocks, so do not miss the opportunity to go to the dinosaur park, which UNESCO said is the most important ancient heritage site in the world.

4- Visit CN Tower Toronto:

CN Tower Toronto is one of the largest and longest towers in the world, as it reaches a height of about 550 meters, and is located in the heart of the Canadian capital. The tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Canada, especially with sunset, as the side lights of the tower are charming and very different so it does not You miss the opportunity to spend a night in the CN Tower of Toronto, and you can also go up to the top of the tower and enjoy a deep and charming view to the wonderful city and you will find a rare opportunity to see all the features of this city from above the tower, but if you are an adventurous person and want to try something different then the hotel management It allows its visitors to walk on the edge and climb altitude p By connecting visitors with wires and letting them wander around the edge of the tower freely.
CN Tower of Toronto

5- Canada Wonder Land Park:

The park is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit and see in Canada as it includes many recreational places and water parks as it is very suitable for people looking for recreation and comfort, and this park is one of the largest parks in the world at all, if you love to enjoy sports Water park You can try a very large number of water games in the park.
You can also ride a horse and enjoy wandering around in the entire garden, and you can see all the attractions of the park without the slightest fatigue while you are sitting on the back of the horse, and you can also take a free tour of the rotating boat inside the river and this tour is very special for families and families where you can reach To the top of the excitement by a number of turns and water obstacles.
Canada Wonder Land

6- Montreal Hotel:

After a comprehensive and busy day of tours, you want to rest in order to complete the rest of your activities, so we advise you to get off at the Montreal Hotel, which is located in the heart of the city, as this hotel is located very few steps from the lively St. Catherine Street, which has many restaurants Which offers delicious western and eastern food also, and there are a lot of cafes also, as this hotel is one of the largest hotels in Canada and provides its guests with many different options in food and drinks to suit all tastes, as this hotel is close to metro stations and the port Old Montreal.
Montreal Hotel

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