The best places for tourism in Jordan

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Tourism in Jordan, Jordan is known for the originality of history, its combination between the beauty of nature, the fast modern life and the tremendous technological progress that you witnessed in the past period, and it contains many charming beaches that extend over the Gulf of Aqaba, so what information do you need to know before you travel to Jordan, What are the most important areas that you must visit in order to have a full and comprehensive experience of the most important places in the country? All this, and more, follow us.

Information you must know before traveling to Jordan:

The capital of Jordan is the city of Amman, and it is one of the largest cities in it, and travel to Jordan does not need to obtain a visa for all residents of the Arab Gulf, and the population of many Arab countries in relation to the currency of Jordan is the Jordanian dinar.
The costs of travel to Jordan are a little high, and they vary with the length of time that you will stay in Jordan, the hotel you will be staying at, and the transportation that you will take in addition to the type of restaurants that you will visit, so it is very important to plan your trip, and set a schedule, and financial for it to be a successful trip Full of adventures.

Best places of tourism in Jordan:

Amman, the capital of Jordan:

Amman is one of the most important cities that you have to visit as it contains many important monuments, vast gardens, and various activities that you can work in addition to malls and entertainment.

The most important tourist attractions in Amman include:

  • Castle Mountain:

It is located on a hilltop in the capital where it reaches a height of more than 800 meters, and it contains traces of the Bronze Age in addition to famous temples such as the Temple of Hercules, and many impressive palaces.

  • King Hussein Gardens:

It is one of the most important tourist places, which have been updated and restored in a uniquely royal way. In the gardens today there are many different services such as Al-Hussein Mosque, a museum for cars in addition to places for children, and gates attractively decorated in a dazzling attractive.

  • Jordan Archaeological Museum:

It contains many of the country’s relics, which were discovered throughout the ages, and was built in 1951 AD

  • Roman amphitheater:

It dates back to the second century AD and was designed to include more than 6 thousand spectators

  • Jordan Children’s Museum:

It is part of King Hussein Public Gardens Projects, and it was built in 2007 AD, and its area exceeds 7 thousand square meters.

  • Rainbow Street:

Its original name is Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street, and it contains many cafes and international restaurants, and there is the British Embassy, ​​and many activities and youthful evening sessions are held there.

Aqaba, the city where mountains and beaches charm:

It is one of the cities that attract tourists, nature lovers, thanks to its location, amid high mountains, dazzling beaches in addition to the purity of water, and its blue. It attracts tourists who love marine activities, and diving, as there are many coral reefs of different shapes, colors, and unique fish with their sparkling colors.

The most important tourist places in the city of Aqaba include:

  • Aqaba Water Park:

It contains a lot of dazzling coral reefs, and it is one of the largest parks in the country that extends for more than 7 km, and you can walk on the beach with your children to spend, all time in the arms of nature. You can also swim in the water, dive to see the dazzling reefs, participate in cruises or ride water rides suitable for different ages. There are also games in the park for young children near the beach such as swings and skis, and the park provides a lot of restaurants, and various places to provide drinks for you and your family to have a beautiful time, and fun.

  • Pirinice Beach:

There is in the marine marine biology park, which is part of the southern beach, and extends for more than 400 meters from the city coast, and what distinguishes it is the numerous recreational activities that are suitable for all ages, and various desires where you can relax in the beautiful sunlight or dive into the water to explore coral reefs, colorful fish Or surfing on a jet ski or taking a yacht with your family to enjoy a picnic or water rides ride. Among the cruises provided by the place trips to Pharaoh Island, which will enable you to enjoy seeing the castle of the soldier belonging to UNESCO from 2003 AD, and the beach is open every day from 6 in the morning, until midnight.

  • Al-Hafayer Beach:

It is internationally renowned as the Palm Beach, and tourists prefer to go to it at sunset, it is surrounded by a lot of green spaces that give it a unique beauty, and you will find in the beach a lot of cruises that last for an hour, at very reasonable prices, and you can also rent rowing bikes With your family, which is rented for at least 90 minutes. You can also stroll around the beach like the town’s museum, its antique castle, and lots of natural places.

  • Aqaba Archaeological Museum:

It includes many monuments in addition to the ancient Aqaba Castle, Flagstaff, and many monuments dating back to the Bronze Age. You can enjoy seeing the archaeological artifacts collected from different parts of Aqaba, as well as taking pictures of the historical woman’s pieces from the Bronze Age, which date back more than 4 thousand years.

The Dead Sea is one of the most famous seas in the world:

There is a distance of 55 kilometers from the capital of Jordan in the Jordan Valley, surrounded by hills on each side, and it is intended for many tourists for the purpose of treatment, and hospitalization thanks to the water contains many important minerals, and natural salts treated for many diseases.

Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World:

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Jordan is the city of Petra for the Nabataean giants, who dug their homes in the ancient rock, which is the reason why this amazing city is one of the wonders of the Seven Worlds, and it is located in the south of the country.
The city dates back to the sixth century before prehistoric times, and there are around it many monuments such as baths, places of worship, cemeteries, and other tourist attractions.

Jerash where the huge theaters:

Jerash is one of the best tourist cities in the country, and it is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Amman, and it contains many ancient streets, temples, and theaters dating back more than 6500 years.
As for its tourism position, it comes immediately after Petra in terms of international fame, and an international festival is held in the city every year, and it is famous as the Jerash Festival.

Questions about tourism in Jordan:

Rent prices in the center of the capital?

Between 150 to 250 Jordanian dinars, and the apartment usually costs 15 Jordanian dinars a month, in addition to thirty Jordanian dinars for water.

What is the price of buying a car in Jordan?

If you intend to buy a small car, it will cost you at least 13,000 Jordanian dinars.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

Spring is the best time to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Jordan, especially in the period between March and May, when the weather is moderate, and suitable for tourist tours.

What is the period sufficient to drink the beauty of Jordan?

The period sufficient for visiting Jordan for the purpose of tourism is between one and three weeks.

How are houses built in Jordan? What are the laws?

We suggest that you coordinate with construction and construction companies, but it will be a little expensive than building a house in the traditional way, but it is easier for non-Jordanians.

How to obtain a driver’s license in Jordan?

It’s so easy! You can also obtain a global driving license, which will give you an opportunity to drive in Jordan. If your license is expired or needs to be renewed, it is very easy to renew it in Jordan.

Is it difficult to find job opportunities in Jordan?

It depends on your nationality, the language you speak for example English is highly required, and it has many job opportunities, and it is important to take into account the individual person’s skills applying for the job, and whether the job is suitable for him or not.


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