The best places in Alexandria

المسافرون العرب

Alexandria Library

The ancient Library of Alexandria represented one of the most famous libraries in the ancient world. It was built in the third century BC, and at that time it represented the main center of knowledge, culture, and regional and national research, and it included a very large number of manuscripts and valuable books, but this amazing library It was destroyed at some point, and for unknown reasons. In commemoration of the ancient library, the Egyptian government built the Modern Library of Alexandria in 2002 AD close to the place of the old library, and today it contains millions of books, and documents from around the world.

Bey Citadel

The Citadel Of Qaitbay (English: Citadel Of Qaitbay) Castle is located in the eastern port of Alexandria, specifically in the ancient site of the famous Alexandria Lighthouse. Attractive, knowing that tourists can visit the castle, and wander between its monuments, and see the collection of the Maritime Museum from historical pieces of the Romen naval battles, and the battles of Napoleon.

Alexandria National Museum

The Alexandria National Museum is housed in an italyn-style building, and is considered one of the most important museums in the region. It includes wonderful collections of works and collectibles that express the history of Alexandria and the surrounding region, including artefacts dating back to Byzantine times. , Islamic, and modern, and traces dating back to the Pharaonic period, such as: a statue of the Sphinx, and sculptures dating back to the Greco-Romen era.

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Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa

Catacombs Of Kom Ash Shuqqafa tombs are ancient historical catacombs consisting of three floors, in addition to the rooms, and they were built for the first time in the second century AD, and it was discovered by chance in 1900 AD, when the largest Romen burial site appeared in Egypt.

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