The best places in Bali

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South Bali beaches

South Bali Beaches is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, as it is characterized by its extended sandy beaches, and Kuta Beach is the most visited beach in it, and because of its proximity to the airport, it is the first place that tourists land in, despite this However, the urban sprawl attacked a large area of ​​the beach, which made the tourists resort to quieter beaches, such as: Seminyak, Tuban and Legian.

Ubud area

Ubud, which has a picturesque nature, hosts large numbers of tourists annually, in which many films were filmed, and several novels were written, as it is a very suitable place to relax and spend a pleasant holiday, in addition to that it is considered a valuable opportunity to feel the authentic culture in Its streets.

The city of Kintamani

Kintamani is a city of picturesque mountainous nature, as it rises a thousand and five hundred meters above sea level, and it is a habitat for the cultivation of citrus fruits, because of its humid and cold climate. It is worth noting that the city includes many tourist attractions that crowd all tourists. A place, and for the majority of times of the year, such as: the hot springs in Bali, the blue volcanic lake which is the most beautiful volcanic lake in the world, the Tronian Village that witnesses the ancient civilizations of Bali, and the beautiful Bangley region that provides tourists with the possibility to ride Cyclists and circling the village, in addition to enjoying the fresh mountain air, and seeing the lake formed from the crater on Mount Batur. There are also many Hindu temples in Kintamani.

The city of Lovina

Lovina is a tourist attraction in Bali, to provide an opportunity to see dolphins in its waters, and because it is a city famous for diving and snorkelling.


At a depth of thirty meters under the water, tourists and divers are attracted to see a marvelous marine nature mixed with a stunning sight of the wreckage of a ship that sank in the aftermath of the Second World War, which distinguishes Tullumbin as a diving site from others in Bali.


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The best tourist places in Indonesia


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