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Villa Isola

It is an historical archeological building, located in the Indonesian city of Bandung, and is seven kilometers away from the city center, and the date of the establishment of this building dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century, and it was then used as a personal residence for a Dutch noble, where it was later converted, to be an administrative headquarters Local universities, and the four-storey villa of Villa Isola is characterized by its architectural design in the style of decorative art, and with its wonderful terraces, overlooking the picturesque areas of Bandung.

Aigen nozzle

The Ijen Crater (English: Ijen Crater) is considered one of the most prominent tourist landmarks in Indonesia; Bluish, as you emit during the day a white smoke, and during the night there appears a fire that tends to blue.

The Converse Museum

The Museum of Konferensi (English: Museum Konperensi) is located in Bandung, and it represents one of the facilities of the Freedom Building, knowing that the Asian-African Conference for the year one thousand five hundred and fifty-five, which was hosted by the city of Bandung, was held to improve economic conditions, support and support the economy It is worth noting that the Konferency Museum attracts a large number of Bandung visitors and tourists today, to see pictures of the Indonesian leaders and leaders who emerged in the middle of the last century, such as: Ho Chi Minh, Soekarno and Nahru.

Natural places

Bandung includes many mountains, high and natural areas that are considered centers of attraction for visitors, and city tourists, and these places are:

  • Mount Tangkuban Perahu (Indonesian: Mount Tangkuban Perahu): It is the most famous volcanic mountain in the city, where visitors can see the picturesque natural scenes, and the wonderful view by walking on a special path from the base to the top of the mountain.
  • Djuanda Forest Park: It is a nature reserve that occupies an area of ​​about 5,900,000 m 2, and includes many picturesque natural areas of waterfalls and trees, and a number of restaurants, cafes, in addition to sites and tunnels that have witnessed wars that the region fought in the past.
  • Cliff Tebing Keraton (Malay: Tebing Keraton): It is a high cliff that can be reached on foot, or through a motorcycle. Upon reaching this cliff, you can enjoy a wonderful, amazing view of the surrounding mountains and the stunning landscape from above.
  • Mount Papandayan: Located in the south of Bandung, it is a favorite destination for hikers, and pedestrians may amaze the steam scene from volcano activity on the mountain.

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