The best places in Bosnia

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The city of Sarajevo is one of the best places to visit in the Republic of Bosnia; it is considered the capital of the Republic, as it is distinguished by its rich ancient history; it includes a group of beautiful museums called the Old Bazaar, and includes a number of mosques, churches, a group of mosques, churches, and a group of Distinctive, in addition to the wonderful gardens located in it, and modern shopping centers.


Mostar is considered one of the most visited places by tourists, as it is distinguished by the fact that it combines Croatian and Bosnian culture, and includes the Cathedral of Mary located on the Croatian side, in addition to the narrow paths that exist in the region, and the group of kiosks that fill the place, as the area is provided to visitors Cultural diversity, and it is worth noting that Mostar includes an Ottoman bazaar, and other monuments.

Kravica Waterfalls

The waterfalls are located on the Tribute River, where they are distinguished by their magnificent scenic view and the beautiful lake that the river empties into, given that the height of these waterfalls reaches about twenty-five meters, and it provides tourists with the opportunity to ride boats, and enjoy the magical landscape, as well as the area includes attractions. Monastery Museum.

Ostrozac Castle

Ostrozac is considered one of the most crowded castles in the Republic, and it is located on a high cliff overlooking the Una Valley, knowing that it was considered an ancient place for the residence of the captains. The existence of a garden that was established in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine, and many sculptures.

Mehmet Pasha Solovich Bridge

The bridge is located on the eastern side of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically on the River Drina, and it is considered one of the sites that have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, noting that its date of establishment dates back to the sixteenth century, and it is worth noting that the one who designed it is the architect Mimar Sinan And, as it was called (Muhammad Pasha Bridge), according to the minister who ordered its construction, the length of the bridge, which is considered evidence of the solidity of architecture, and Ottoman engineering is around 179.5 m.


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