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The best places in Bursa

Gardens and natural places

The city of Bursa includes many natural places that provide a suitable environment for visitors to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery. Among these places are:

  • Uludag National Park: It is one of the most beautiful, and most important places in the Turkish city of Bursa, where it represents a natural environment of breathtaking beauty that attracts attention and visitors to it, and allows its visitors a more than wonderful view, by riding the cable car that extends above the park, through which you can see the splendor of Mount Uludag, Or the great mountain, which is about 2543 meters high from the sea level, and enjoying the natural landscapes on top of the mountain from waterfalls and rivers, and in addition to that the park includes a number of rare plant species, different types of animals, and birds, such as: deer, bears, And no Ranb, wolves, and other living organisms.
  • Aweil Cave: It is located twenty-seven kilometers from the city center of Ingole, and is considered a tourist attraction, as it is a destination for thermal treatment and hospitalization, and the cave is surrounded by magnificent natural scenery.
  • Sitabat: It is a picturesque natural area with wide green spaces and exquisite waterfalls surrounded by picnics.
  • Botanic Botanical Garden: It is a vast natural park, which represents the natural landscape of Bursa; it includes a large number of different types of trees, herbs, shrubs, and roses, interspersed with corridors, and dedicated roads for running, and bicycles.


The city of Bursa includes many museums that are full of antique and traditional objects, including:

  • Bursa City Museum, which includes monuments and antiques that embody the city’s history.
  • The Olomay Museum, which displays the traditional folk costume of the townspeople.
  • The Jewelry Museum, inside which represents the traditional form of the Ottoman house in the seventeenth century.
  • The living museum, which represented the public kitchen during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Ataturk House Museum.
  • Carraguz Museum.

Religious places

Bursa is full of historical places of a religious nature, including:
  • Oulu Mosque: And which was built in the year one thousand four hundred and twenty one, where it is distinguished by its wonderful architectural design, it includes twenty domes, and its walls are decorated with decorations, and various inscriptions.
  • Yesil Mosque: Which was built in the year one thousand four hundred and twenty one, where it is distinguished by the Turkish design, and it includes a large library, a water fountain, for ablution, and a corridor to teach students, in addition to the residence of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I.
  • El Mouradia Mosque: It was built in the fifteenth century and includes many tombs of the Ottoman Sultans and their families.
  • Othman’s first tombs: It includes the tomb of Sultan Uthman I (founder of the Ottoman Empire), and the tomb of his son Orhan.

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