The best places in Cairo

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Khan Al-Khalily

This commercial complex consists of a group of narrow corridors, and the combined stores and arranged around the small square include everything from soap powder to semi-precious stones, sculptures of camels, and pyramids made of alabaster, and most stores open their doors in it from about nine o’clock, until after sunset.
The date of commencement of commercial transactions in it dates back to the fourteenth century, and many of its parts are the first choice for shopping for many of the local residents, especially the area devoted to selling gold, and the sections that still exist in it until this time are: the section dedicated to selling spices, gold, and the coppermen .

Al-Azhar Mosque

The Al-Azhar Mosque is located in the Al-Darb Al-Ahmar area in the heart of Cairo, and it is considered one of the ancient Fatimid landmarks, as construction was started during the reign of the Caliph Al-Muizz Allah in 970 AD, so that the construction of this mosque, which was considered the first mosque in the city for two years, was opened for the first time to perform Prayers in it in 972 AD.
Al-Azhar has now become an independent university that studies modern science such as medicine and science, in addition to religious sciences. These courses are taught in the buildings that were built around it, and it currently owns at least six entrances, and visitors enter it through the portal called the Barbers Gate, which opens to A square paved with white marble, from which three minarets of the mosque can be seen.

Egyptian Museum

This museum was established in 1857 AD by the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariet, and it is located next to Tahrir Square, and it includes a wide range of artifacts that make it one of the greatest museums on earth, and one of the galleries that are worth a visit in the Tutankhamun Gallery, which includes valuable pieces It was found in his grave.

Giza Pyramids

These pyramids, which are the first tourist destination, are located on the edge of the city of Cairo on the Giza Plateau, and the pyramid of Khufu is the largest of these pyramids, and among other pyramids: the pyramid of Khafragh, and the Menkaure pyramid, and the Great Sphinx is located next to it, which is a statue made of a lion’s body and a human head Pharaonic.


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