The best places in Dammam

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Dammam Corniche

It is characterized by its wonderful views of the sea, in which there are many green spaces, games for children, in addition to service facilities, and many celebrations are held on national occasions and official holidays.

The popular village

It is a famous tourist attraction in the eastern region, as it represents a museum consisting of five floors that a visitor can tour between them, and get acquainted with the ancient Saudi civilization, and the present, and there is a restaurant in which the visitor can eat delicious food at the end of his tour of the museum.

Coral Island

Al-Marjan Island is considered a tourist island equipped with special places for family sessions, youth sessions, and children’s games, and it is characterized by green areas in it, which attract the visitor; given that the sea surrounds this small island, in addition to that visitors can go on a cruise on board of the private ships that offer Meals also during.

Cobra city and the world of snow

It is considered a very large entertainment city, as it accommodates about 150,000 visitors, knowing that games are suitable for all ages, and it is also equipped with family sessions, and places of entertainment frequented by women, and children in the evening, such as the ice rink, which is also intended for young people during the morning.

Abu Radha Museum

It is one of the famous museums in the city of Dammam, where it is located on King Faisal Street in the Khalidiya neighborhood, and it is a building consisting of two floors, each of which consists of a large hall divided into several sections, and in the museum there are many monuments displayed on the wall, or on the shelves, or inside Aluminum moldings, as well as women’s, men’s, coffee pots, cookware, agricultural tools, irrigation tools, and many war tools, such as guns, swords, and spears, in addition to displaying school tools, manuscripts, and many books on it And also the Many old and new coins.

Restaurants and shopping malls

It is worth noting that in Dammam there are many recommended restaurants, including: The Popular Village Restaurant, Fish Market Restaurant, Seafood Nights Restaurant, Coco Grills Restaurant, Mandi Fast Food Restaurant, and there is also the Diwan Restaurant, the Saudi Lebanese Restaurant, the Chinese Restaurant, and a Restaurant Al-Buhaira Park and others, as for the commercial centers and shopping centers in Dammam, they are many, including: Dhahran Mall, Al-Shati Mall, The Marina Mall, Ibn Khaldoun Plaza Complex, and there are also the Eastern Taj Commercial Center, Al-Thalasi’s Commercial Center, and Darain Mall, and Collect Pyramid Plaza, Othaim Mall, and others.


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