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Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva (English: Lake Geneva) is one of the best tourist places in Geneva, and it is characterized by mountains that form behind it an attractive aesthetic view, in addition to the buildings on its sides, beautiful parks for walking, and the lake provides visitors with the opportunity to ride bikes and boats, .

old City

The Old City is located in Geneva, and it depicts life in the eighteenth century. It also includes a group of landmarks, including: St. Pierre Cathedral (English: St. Pierre Cathedral cathedral), which is located on a hill in the city center It is worth noting that in the Old City, tourists can go on a trip to see the relics dating back to the third century BC.

Mount Salif

Mount Saleve (French: Mont Salève) is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Geneva, and it provides an opportunity to climb to its summit, as this may not require more than an hour, or about two hours, and it is also possible to ride the cable car to reach the summit, as it is One of the places that tourists go to for relaxation and relaxation.

Jet Du Fountain

The Jet d’Eau (French: The Jet d’Eau) is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, and is characterized by the beauty of the water emanating from it, where the height of this water reaches about 140 meters, and its weight in the air is approximately 7 tons, and the fountain is characterized by its attractive view, And beautiful, as the water mixes with the sun’s rays and the rainbow, especially during the sunny days, in addition to the fact that the water is colored in several colors during the year, in order to revive many special events in the city.

Broken chairs carved

The sculptures are located near the Palais des Nations in Geneva, and they are considered one of the most important unique monuments in the city; It is worth noting that the sculpture consists of three legs to remind victims of landmines and cluster bombs.

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