Germany is one of the most prosperous countries that are famous for many places, especially in terms of tourism, as it is considered one of the best global destinations, thanks to its cultural and geographical diversity, and tourism in Germany is not limited to certain people, but it is suitable for all people, it is very suitable for spending the best month in life, which is the honeymoon for married couples. Recently, it is also suitable for young people and for many purposes, so it is suitable for therapeutic purposes. Germany has many important tourism ingredients in terms of its history and the places in it that provide us with the necessary and required entertainment.

Tourism in Germany:

One of the most important things that distinguishes Germany from other countries is its distinct and temperate climate in general, with rain in most days of the year, but one of the best months that you prefer to go to Germany is months between April and May, as these months represent the spring in Germany and all parks are The parks are covered in attractive green color, and have a suitable atmosphere for surfing, hiking and wandering in all parts of the country, with a wonderful atmosphere.

Best Places in Germany:

There are many distinct cities that you can enjoy going to in Germany, and the most important of these cities is the capital, which is Berlin and is one of the largest cities in tourist Germany as it occupies the second position as the largest city in the European Union and there are many tourist and cultural places and many archaeological and historical places The task, which is wonderful to visit and enjoy, and all that, in addition to many high-end and important markets, which includes many wonderful and distinctive stores and the best ever and at the level of Europe, and this means that when you go to Germany you will enjoy the best atmosphere And the wonderful weather and green gardens, as well as important cultural and historical places, you will not miss the fun of shopping and enjoying buying the best international brands.

Best hotels in Berlin:

There are many wonderful and distinct places that exist in Berlin, which we will talk about in detail, but in the beginning we will offer you the best famous and well-known hotels in Berlin, which tourists go to constantly and the most important of them are:

First: Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin:

This hotel is one of the most important and best hotels in Berlin thanks to its distinguished and important central location as it is located in the most important and best main tourist places in Berlin and is next to the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust monument, and many tourists expressed their love for this hotel and praised him that the services provided are very good but Their only comment was the price.

Second: Grand Hyatt Berlin Hotel:

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Berlin and the important and there is the Grand Hyatt Berlin in the Potsdam Platz region and this region is known for its vitality and it is far from the Sony mall which includes the largest number of restaurants and cafes that offer the best and most delicious food in the finest of sophistication, as it is away Tiergarten Park is only five minutes away, and the Brandenburg Gate is fifteen minutes away and you can reach it on foot enjoying the wonderful weather. The hotel was evaluated by tourists very well in terms of location and also the services provided by the hotel.

Third: The Waldorf Astoria Berlin:

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Berlin and one of the hotels in a privileged location, it is located in the middle of the western part of the capital Berlin and there are near many famous and well-known markets and the evaluation of this hotel came by visitors that it is very good in terms of location and service provided.

Fourth: The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin:

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Berlin is one of the best outstanding hotels in Berlin in terms of its privileged location, which is located in Potsdamer Platz square, which is away from the Brandenburg Gate and also the Unter den Linden Street, about ten minutes on foot, and in terms of visitor evaluation it has praised its distinguished location and capacity The room and rated it very well, but they commented on the existing furniture and the small size of the facilities in it.

The best tourist places in Berlin:

First: Charlottenburg Palace:

Charlottenburg Royal Palace is characterized by beauty and splendor and is one of the best places in Berlin and one of the most important monuments found as there is on the dome of this palace a statue that moves according to the changing weather. Among the wonderful decors and statues and the presence of a garden with natural charm and also has a theater in addition to the presence of a small and beautiful lake that makes the appearance of the place very beautiful.

Second: Brandenburg Gate:

This gateway is considered one of the most important and most important tourist places in Berlin, and this gate has been called by this name in relation to the state that belongs to it which is the state of Brand Burg and this gate was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century and was completely completed in the year 1791 AD.

Third: Pillar of Victory:

This column, which is famous for the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the important symbols that express the extent of celebration of victory in the Franco-German War, and it is considered one of the best places in Berlin.

Fourth: Berlin Tower:

This tower is the famous television tower in the Berlin Tower, which is characterized by different architecture and unique of its kind, which qualified it to be one of the best tourist attractions in Berlin, which many tourists go to, and the length of this tower is 368 meters and consists of 147 floors, and the Tower of Berlin is the tallest building in Germany And the second tallest tower in the European Union.

The best museums in Berlin:

First: Pergamon Museum:

This museum is one of the most important tourist places, which offers visitors a lot of ancient artifacts, which includes many different civilizations from around the world, and this important archaeological museum was opened in 1899 AD and is one of the most important destinations in Berlin.

Second: The New Berlin Museum:

The new Berlin Museum is one of the most important and best-known tourist areas in Berlin and all of Germany, where many tourists go to every year, as this museum offers them an opportunity to see the best ancient and ancient monuments that inhabited the land from ancient times.

Third: The Old Berlin Museum:

This museum is one of the most important archaeological museums in Berlin, and it contains many ancient artifacts and many classical antiquities and includes many important Greek formations. This museum was built between the period 1823 AD and the year 1830 AD This museum is distinguished by its location as it is located on the Museum Island in Berlin.

Fourth: The Musical Instruments Museum:

This beautiful museum shows us about 3500 instruments of the most important musical instruments, most of which date back to the history of the sixteenth century and which make them unique and distinctive instruments from different time periods and varying, and this museum is an important tourist places, especially for music lovers.

Berlin Tourist Gardens:

First: the Berlin Zoo:

This park is one of the best parks in Germany and one of the most important and best tourist places in Germany as it contains more than 20500 different animals and more than 1500 types of animals and an area of ​​approximately 35 hectares has been opened in 1844 AD, and the Berlin Zoo is one of the most tourist places that Many tourists go to it every year and it is very popular all over the world.

Second, the Tiergarten Park:

In Tiergarten Park you can enjoy the wonderful and distinguished atmosphere, the fresh air and the beautiful nature, as it is one of the best and most beautiful gardens with a large area and is located in the heart of the capital, making it the place for all visitors to enjoy the wonderful and wonderful nature.

Third: Treptower Park:

This garden is one of the most parks that many go to to enjoy practicing many sports such as walking, jogging and cycling all this while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere, natural scenery and picturesque greenery. This park is located next to the Spree Runaway in a neighborhood called the Alt Treptow district.
As the capital of Germany Berlin is full of important tourist attractions that attract tourists there are also many other tourist places in Germany, including:

First: The most important tourist places in Germany Munich:

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany, as it is one of the most beautiful cities in which tourists go to visit the tourist attractions in it, as it is famous for the magnificence of the architecture in it, as Munich is famous for the presence of the Isar River in southern Bavaria and this river is one of the most important things in it What makes it a destination for all tourists.

Second: The most important tourist places in Germany Baden-Baden:

Baden-Baden is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, and it has a lot of tourist places that attract many tourists from all over the world, most of them Arab tourists, where they go there to enjoy seeing the best Romen baths, natural places and beautiful parks. One of the most important natural places there is the wonderful Lake Mummelsi.

Third: The most important tourist places in Germany Dusseldorf:

Dusseldorf What distinguishes this city from others is its great reputation for the splendor of its markets and the fashion shows that are held on its land.

Fourth: The most important tourist places in Germany Stuttgart:

The city of Stuttgart is located in the southwest of Germany, and this city is distinguished from others in the clear development in all aspects of life and there are many museums that include many of the best brands of multiple cars, the most famous of which is the Merced S.

Fifth: The most important tourist places in Germany Frankfurt:

This famous city is located in the center of the country, on the banks of one of the branches of the famous Rhine River, the River Main, and most of its tourist places are left inside the old city.

Sixth: The most important tourist places in Germany are the Cologne:

This beautiful city is located between Bonn and Dusseldorf, and this city is famous for its modernity and sophistication, and it has the colossal Cologne Cathedral that dates back to the Romen era and is distinguished from others by its length.

Seventh: The most important tourist places in Germany Bonn:

The city of Bonn, Germany is characterized by the magnificence of the beautiful landscapes, which amaze all those who see and charm its beauty.

Eighth: The most important tourist places in Germany Hamburg:

The city of Hamburg is one of the best cities in Germany and most cities that tourists come to visit every year, as it is famous for its gardens, canals and lakes. It is also famous for the wonderful neighborhood of the red lamps.

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