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Indonesia is distinguished by its magnitude based on its population and the area located there, in addition to the presence of a wide geological and cultural diversity, with its number of islands around 18110, and inhabited by about two hundred and forty million people, divided into three hundred ethnic groups, and speak many languages ​​estimated number two hundred and fifty languages, and is a city Bali is one of the most attractive places for visitors in this country, in addition to the presence of many distinguished places that are worth visiting in Indonesia.

The best places in Indonesia

There are many places that are distinguished and preferred by many when traveling to Indonesia and they are:

Lake Toba

This lake is located on Sumatra island, which is a huge volcanic lake, and resulted from a volcanic eruption, and that happened 70,000 years ago, and studies have shown that a small number of people survived this disaster, and it is considered one of the largest islands as it contains two lakes, as it is possible to The visitor can have a rest and relaxation when going to her, and can enjoy swimming in its waters.

Tanjung Potting

This park is one of the favorite places in Indonesia, and it is distinguished as a public and national park, which is located in the Indonesian island of Borneo, specifically in the Central Kalimantan region, and this park is one of the most important tourist destinations for many visitors, and it is characterized by a popular and environmental nature, in addition to the presence of trips By boat, these trips take several days, during which a visitor can see wildlife, in addition to viewing and visiting research centers, but this park is threatened that illegal logging will be cut in it, and the disposal of forests for agricultural uses Different.

Promo Mountain

This mountain is considered to be a volcano, which is a part of great effectiveness, and it is located in a rock mass that drags, specifically in East Java, and it is characterized as one of the most famous mountain ranges, although it is not the highest compared to other mountain ranges, and is considered one of the most important Areas that attract large numbers of tourists, and this mountain was subjected to an explosion in the upper part of the volcano, and this happened inside and outside the hole, as a result of a burping of white smoke, in addition to surrounding the Sea of ​​Sand.

= Bunaken

This island is one of the best and most famous places in Indonesia, and it is located on the northern side of the island of Sulawesi, and it is a part of the Bunaken Marine Park. The fit for this sport is the time that comes between April and November.

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