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It is a water strait that connects the Black Sea, and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and divides the city of Istanbul into two parts: an Asian part (Anatolia), and a European part, which extends for a length of approximately thirty kilometers, and reaches the widest part of it about 3.7 km in the northern side, It is between 36,5 to 124 meters, and it is possible to cross over the strait by two huge bridges: the Bosphorus Bridge that was built in 1973 AD, and the Sultan Al-Fatih Bridge that was built in 1988 AD. It is worth noting that there are many resorts, villas, and many more. Of trees scattered on frames Strait, in addition to a number of ancient castles, such as: Anatolia Castle, Rumelihisarı.

The museums

Istanbul is full of museums located in archeological and historical buildings, including:

  • Hagia Sophia Museum: It is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, as it is located in the Sultanahmet area, knowing that it was – in the past – a cathedral church, then it turned into what became a mosque, and it is worth noting that the building was used as a museum with an amazing architectural design since 1935.
  • Topkapi Palace Museum: It is an old building with Ottoman and Islamic architectural design, as it contains many halls, rooms, library, an attachment to the weapon, and another for porcelain, glass, and other departments and facilities.
  • The Grand Palace Mosaic Museum: It includes many wonderful and harmonious mosaic mosaics in its colors.


Istanbul is full of bright, beautiful gardens, including:
  • Yildiz Park: It is an urban garden that fuses with history; it was used during the reign of the Ottoman sultans as a place for hunting, but now it is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul, where it contains wonderful green spaces, archaeological monuments, and Ottoman buildings.
  • Emirgan Garden: It is a large park directly overlooking the Bosphorus, and includes many stadiums, green spaces, and dedicated jogging paths.
  • Gulhane Park: Where modernity mixes with history in every sense of the word, it was once represented one of the facilities of the Topkapi Palace, but today, this garden is intended by a large number of visitors to enjoy the view of the Bosphorus and the view of picturesque trees.


Markets and malls are spread in all parts of Istanbul, including:

  • The Grand Bazaar: It is an old popular market that contains around three thousand shops, and it is used by visitors and tourists to enjoy shopping in it, and to buy gifts and traditional products.
  • City Nisantashi Complex: As this complex may be the most important in the city, due to its activity all the time, and it contains many restaurants, cafes, and shops, in addition to its location on the European side of the city.
  • Istinye Park Mall: This building is considered one of the largest shopping centers in the city, as it contains many entertaining facilities, including: a large theater, an entertainment and sports club, a children’s center, and a bazaar.
  • Istiklal Street in Beyoglu: It is considered one of the most important streets in the European part of the city, as it contains in its outskirts many shops, art galleries, music, and many restaurants and cafes.

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