Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey at all; it has an important history and a great civilization, and this city has been known throughout the history of many different names such as Byzantium, Astana, Constantinople, and many other names, and today it is considered the second city globally at the population level, Kama And it is the largest city in Turkey itself.

The Turkish city of Istanbul contains many important historical monuments, hence it was chosen to be a common capital of European culture, and that was in the year two thousand and ten from Christmas, and here are some of the most important and most beautiful landmarks and places in this ancient city.

The most beautiful places in Istanbul

Taksim Square

This field is considered a major tourist center in this city, and it is also the center of the modern city. This field is characterized by the presence of many tourist places near it, which enables it to occupy this high position.

Aya Sofia

This museum is considered the most important at all in this city, and it has become an icon of its icons, and it can be said that it is also one of the greatest Byzantine places and landmarks existing to this day. Civilization Hagia Sophia is distinguished as a witness to civilization and history. Several countries, nations, and civilizations have successively turned to it. Aesthetically, it contains the style of Byzantine architecture, in addition to the amazing and amazing Ottoman motifs.

Top Cape

Also known as the Palace of the High Gate, it was the most important and prominent administrative center in the Ottoman Empire, and today it is considered one of the most important museums ever, as it contains many important and beautiful monuments such as the sword of the Great Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace – in addition to the swords of the caliphs The adults – may God be pleased with them all – have gathered these important Islamic relics in one room known as the Chamber of Holy Trusts.

Galata Bridge

What distinguishes this bridge is its extension over the Golden Horn, where the link between both the Biolo area and the old city, and walking on it in the evening hours is considered one of the most beautiful activities that every person can perform in this city, as he will enjoy the view of the sunset in the form of Large.

Covered market

This market is considered one of the largest covered markets in Europe, as it includes more than about four thousand shops, which is the market located in the region known as Sultanahmet, and this market is considered one of the most famous and distinctive markets in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Strait

This important strait separates the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, and it also connects the Marmara and Black seas. This strait is famous for the important and interesting cruises that travel through it.

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