The best places in Jakarta

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The best tourist places in Jakarta

The capital Jakarta is the main attraction for tourists in Indonesia, and it contains many buildings that bear the colonial style of the British and Dutch colonial periods, in addition to the previous places it also contains the historical Portuguese Church, the Independence Mosque, antique markets, and many restaurants that serve local food . There are also many distinct places that are worth a visit by many tourists who travel to Jakarta, as the city is full of museums, beautiful gardens and shopping places, and these places are:

  • Anchol Dream Park: Anchol Dreams Park is located on the coast, and it is one of the places where the visitor gets a lot of fun, as it contains many resorts, restaurants and picturesque beaches, and also contains the largest water world in Southeast Asia, as well as a water world.
  • the National Museum: The National Museum was founded in 1868 and contains many handcrafted antiques and relics dating back to the prehistoric period. The museum also contains the largest collection of Hindu artifacts dating back to the Java region made of ceramics, which is the largest collection in the region of Southeast Asia.
  • Kota Tua: The old city of Jakarta is one of the recreational areas for residents and contains many museums.
  • Ragunan oo Zoo: The zoo contains approximately 3,600 species of living creatures, the most famous of which is the Komodo dragon.


Jakarta is the Indonesian capital and is the political, economic and cultural center of the country, and according to statistics in 2014, it is the city with the highest population density in the country, with a population of 10,075,310 people. Since 1951, population growth has occurred due to employment opportunities. It forms an essential part of the economy where it is famous for trade, manufacturing, financial and banking services and a sixth of Indonesia’s GDP is produced in Jakarta. Despite the economic growth, due to the booming real estate market, the cost of living is high. The city also contains the University of Indonesia, which is the oldest educational institution in the country and for this reason, it attracts students from all over the country.

Tourism outside Jakarta

There are many places outside Jakarta that are important destinations for tourists, including Bali, and the Sulawesi Islands, known as the Orchid Island, which contain volcanic mountains and hot springs.


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