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Floating mosque

This mosque, also known as the Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque, attracts millions of visitors every year, especially at high waves. It is a white mosque, rising on pillars installed under the water, which gives it the floating appearance above it, and it is a mosque fully equipped to perform the prayers in it, as it means a lot of Visitors.

Waterfall park

This park is located near the Red Sea, like many other landmarks in this city, and it is considered a resort more than a theme park only, and attracts hundreds of tourists and residents in the city every day, and includes waterfalls, artificial lakes, rollercoaster, and many other fun games, and because of the proximity of these The garden is from the sea, so the view from the highest point in the various games is fun in itself, and visitors at high temperatures can enjoy sitting in one of the restaurants located there, or visit the two-storey malls to ski on the ice rinks, or play bowling.

Nassif House

This museum was built in the early eighties of the nineteenth century to the governor of Jeddah at that time, then King Abdulaziz bin Saud, founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, settled after entering the city for the first time, and in the early nineties this place turned into a site for acquaintance between the rich residents of the city of Jeddah Then, in 1975 AD it was converted into an open library for all 16,000 books, then the books were transferred to King Abdulaziz University, and the house became a museum.

Other places in Jeddah

Some of the best places in Jeddah are also:

  • Fakieh AquariumThis aquarium includes many types of fish, including sharks, water turtles, and other aquatic animals.
  • Al-Alawi Market: This is the largest market in the Kingdom, and it stretches across the Gold Street, and is filled with merchants and pilgrims, and in it original Arabic jewelry, Islamic artwork, and traditional clothing can be found.
  • King Fahad’s fountainThis fountain is also known as the Jeddah Fountain, which is located on the coast, and rises to about 312 meters from the surface of the earth three decades ago, and it can be seen from most places in Jeddah, and is lit up in the evening with hundreds of lights.

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