The best places in Ljubljana are recommended to visit

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The best places in Ljubljana for tourism and entertainment, Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, and it is considered one of the largest cities in it and one of the most beautiful and green European regions. There are many attractive landscapes in it, with its terrain that varies between lakes, mountains and thick forests, and there are ski resorts available, and the city of Ljubljana is located in one of the lowlands in Sofia, so the inhabitants call it Jabari by this name, meaning z Invite, Ljubljana and surrounding mountains are therefore fortified in all respects well, and this city is characterized by its location outstanding making it the cultural center of Slovenia.

The best places in Ljubljana:

The history of this city dates back to the Middle Ages, so the buildings in this city are distinguished by their antique architectural style, and Ljubljana is considered the administrative, cultural, commercial and political capital of Slovenia, and this city is spread by many shopping centers, commercial centers and government institutions, and as for the city climate it is a continental climate in some months it is Very cold and in other months it tends to warm, and one of the most distinguishing features of this city is that it includes a wonderful mix of cultures, as it combines Slovenian culture and German culture this is next to the Mediterranean culture, this matter which covered the city with a wonderful dress Of creativity and diversity.

Tourism in Ljubljana:

The fact that the city of Ljubljana is the capital of the State of Slovenia, this is one of the main reasons that helped make it one of the most important tourist cities in it, as it attracts large numbers of tourists, so it is possible to travel to it to enjoy several activities such as visiting libraries and shopping from the shops there, or in order to enjoy By eating the most delicious meals in the tourist restaurants in the city, in addition to the possibility to visit the museums in the city and wander its streets between the ancient buildings of this city, this city includes many wonderful cafes, as most of the city’s cafes and restaurants overlook the Ljubljana River, which provides an opportunity to use Taa eating coffee or Almtaam amid views of the charming river.

The most important landmarks of Ljubljana:

  • Zoo :

It is considered one of the most important tourist places there, which is a part of the city’s protected natural park, located a short distance from the city center so it is easy to reach, and this park was established on Rosnik Hill on its southern slope, surrounded by meadows, forests and many green spaces, The park includes many different animals from all over the world, and the animals can be seen inside the park and deal with it directly.

  • Ljubljana Castle:

It is one of the most important tourist places in the city, and this castle is located in the middle of the city where it was established on a hill filled with trees in all its aspects, it can be reached on foot to enjoy the splendor of nature and its beauty. From the highest height.

  • Dragon Bridge:

This bridge is one of the symbols of the city, which must be passed during the trip in the city of Ljubljana, and the beauty of the Dragon Bridge lies in that it was designed in a special style that simulates the architectural style of the Middle Ages, as if it returns the visitor to another era once you see it, and the bridge is decorated with many statues on Dragon shape so it was called the Dragon Bridge.

  • Botanical garden:

The botanical gardens in Ljubljana are among the oldest tourist places there. The botanical garden in Ljubljana is considered one of the oldest botanical gardens in the whole of Europe. It was established in 1810, and this park includes about 4,500 species of plants and the rarest plant breeds. This city is characterized by wide green areas and clean air Rare plants and trees.

  • Tivoli Park:

Tivoli Garden is one of the largest parks in Ljubljana, as it is located along a wide area of ​​green lands, and this city includes a very large number of rare plants and trees, as well as it contains a number of galleries and museums and includes many statues, which makes the visitor feel as if in an open museum, One of the best things to do in the park is to take a stroll in nature, fresh air and see plants and trees.

  • Ljubljana River:

This river has a length of about 41 km, as it stretches throughout the city and this river is considered as the main commercial road for the city during the Middle Ages, and the river is surrounded by a number of ancient buildings and bridges, which are important historical monuments in the city, where a boat or boat can be rented for Enjoy a tour around the river and see the sights and see the houses and monumental buildings that surround it, the river passes a wide distance from this beautiful city, and you can also enjoy the experience of rowing standing on the Ljubljana River, especially that this city is the only European city that is interested in organizing it This sport, which makes it a different and unique experience.

  • Tribel Bridge:

Designed by famous planner and architect Jose Plesnik, who designed the bridge over the city alone, this bridge is distinguished by its elegant and new structures.

  • Old city and its square:

It is a city located inside the city, and it contains three squares, which is the Gornji Square. This square extends to the southeastern side and is considered one of the quietest parts of the old town where there are a number of buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, and the Stary Square Square this place is located in the south It is considered the true heart of the old city, where a number of wooden shops dating back to the 19th century are lined up on the sides of this square, as their paths were paved with quiet, elaborate pebbles, and finally Mistini Targ Square, which is like the heart of the city, contains the Rupa Fountain and was decorated with three pumping statues Once, each square has something that distinguishes it from other squares, and these squares are decorated with shops and statues, the old city is considered an integrated world of magnificence and beauty.

Cafés and restaurants in the city:

Ljubljana is home to many restaurants that overlook the Ljubljana River, as it has a large number of restaurants that enjoy the approval and satisfaction of most of the customers and that are keen to provide traditional food, which components consist of local sources, in addition to the presence of some hotels that provide Italian dishes and offer dishes Asian as there are some shops that specialize in providing fish and seafood, and most cafes in the city are lined on the banks of the Ljubljana River and all of them are distinguished by their wonderful views.


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