The best places in Los Angeles for tourism and leisure

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We will get to know the best places worth visiting in Los Angeles, which we advise you to visit and enjoy watching the many picturesque tourist places in it, where Los Angeles is one of the best cities in America, because it includes many charming places and picturesque beaches, which we will show through this The article, follow us.

Best places in Los Angeles:

First: Natural History Museum:

  • The Museum of Natural History is one of the best places in Los Angeles, because it is one of the largest natural museums in the world.
  • The Museum of Natural History contains a large number of specimens and artifacts, which number more than thirty-five million different specimens dating back to almost four billion years.
  • The museum also houses a collection of huge dinosaurs, as well as some large skeletons, along with many
  • Animals that have been living on Earth for thousands of years.
  • The museum also has a section for some other animals in which you can get to know their life and style.
  • The museum also includes a section on rare and unique butterflies, which can be visited and enjoy watching the most beautiful butterflies up close.
  • The museum can be visited daily from nine in the morning and the museum remains available until five in the evening.

Second: Madame Tussauds Museum:

  • The Madame Tussauds Museum is one of the museums that have a great reputation around the world, because it is a series of museums in many countries of the world, and it is one of the museums that many people find great pleasure in visiting.
  • Madame Tussauds Museum includes many sculptures and statues of celebrities, through the three floors of the museum, and these figures are famous people in many different areas.
  • Many information about celebrities can also be known through the sign next to each statue, which tells you a lot of information about it, along with some memorial photos can be taken with your favorite character.

Third: The Hollywood neighborhood:

  • Hollywood is one of the places that have great international fame, because it is the main place for the movie industry in the United States.
  • The neighborhood has many different shops, which have many different types of goods and multi-brand.
  • The Hollywood neighborhood also boasts many distinct restaurants, which serve delicious American food.
  • Hollywood neighborhood is one of the most crowded places with tourists from all over the world, it is possible to enjoy walking in it, as it is also called the neighborhood of celebrities.

Fourth: Disneyland:

  • Disneyland is one of the best entertainment places in Los Angeles, because it is very suitable for all the family, and it is one of the most attractive places for visitors.
  • You can enjoy watching many cartoon characters, a favorite of children, by visiting the city, as well as walking in the places of the city that have been designed similar to the films that we see.
  • Disneyland also includes many different games, which are not only intended for young children, there are also many games suitable for adults and young people.
  • Another advantage of Disneyland is that it contains a distinctive resort, which provides many distinct treatment services as well as recreational, it also provides some sports equipment in addition to massage and massage service.
  • Disneyland also has a wide range of shops that provide some different types of commodities, along with some cartoon characters’ clothes and Disney princesses, as well as some souvenirs.
  • Disney includes a group of restaurants that are designed in the form of restaurants that are found in movies completely, and this is what provides the pleasure of eating in this fun atmosphere.

Fifth: The Zoo:

  • The zoo is one of the most attractive places for visitors from all over the world, as it is one of the attractions in Los Angeles
  • The Los Angeles Zoo includes a large number of different animals, numbering more than eighty different species, among which are some wild animals.
  • Among the advantages of this garden is that it also contains a special section for plants, which includes many types of trees and rare green plants, and this section is dedicated to lovers of green places and nature.
  • In the garden there is a distinctive store, from which you can buy many different souvenirs, as well as many toys and some clothes.
  • The garden also includes a restaurant that offers delicious meals and the best foods and drinks that can be taken in that wonderful view.

Sixth: Venice Beach:

  • Venice Beach is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles, because it is characterized by the breathtaking landscape of sand and sea.
  • There are also many different water sports on the beach, as well as a dedicated area for bodybuilders.
  • Many types of arts such as dancing, singing and playing are held on the beach by many people and artists in these fields, who can enjoy watching them.

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