The best places in Milan

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Sforzesco Castle

Sforzesco Castle was considered by the people of Milan as a symbol of tyranny and foreign domination, but with the unification of Italy in the nineteenth century this castle became a revered cultural center in Milan, and the complex of this castle includes many wonderful art museums, including paintings of many famous artists including Among them: Andrea Mantinia, Titian, and Tintoretto, in addition to the missing drawings and paintings of Caravaggio.

The memorial cemetery in Milan

The memorial cemetery in Milan is considered an open-air museum and not a lonely place as a cemetery, rather it is visited by tourists, where many of the leading figures and families in Milan are buried, including the author Alessandro Manzumi, the conductor of the Arturo Toscanini, the poet and main founder of the future movement Felipe Tommaso Marinetti, you can visit this cemetery and walk among the ranks of gravestones with beautiful sculptures that follow the architectural styles, such as the Egyptian architectural style, the Roman New, and the new art.

La Scala Opera House

The La Scala Opera House is considered one of the most famous historical opera houses in Italy, where it was renovated in 2004, and it was opened for the first time in 1778 AD. You can also visit the La Scala Museum, which contains a variety of musical instruments, art paintings, and sculptures of musicians, The showroom can also be seen from the scenes area.

Milan Cathedral

The Cathedral of Milan or as it is called “Duomo” is one of the most beautiful architectural works in Milan, as this cathedral is located in the city center, and it consists of more than three thousand statues, tall towers, shiny glass windows, and a wonderful roof that can be passed through, and has been completed This cathedral was built in pink and white marble, and it is classified as the largest Gothic building in Italy. It was built in 1386 AD, but it took more than six centuries to complete it.

Museo del Novecento

The Museum of Del Novecento is located a short distance from Milan Cathedral, and can be reached from the cathedral on foot. This museum houses an art collection of Italian art from the twentieth century, displaying approximately 400 artifacts showing the history of modern Italian art.


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