The best places in New York

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World Trade Center

The World Trade Center is the main building in the New World Trade Center complex located in Loire Manhattan, New York, and has an area of ​​254.4668 meters, and it is a skyscraper consisting of 104 floors, and it is also the tallest building in the western hemisphere, and the third tallest building in the world .

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building has become a National Historic Landmark since 1976 AD, a skyscraper built in the style of Art Deco in New York City, and the Chrysler Building is the tallest brick building in the world, with a height of 319 meters. It was the tallest building in the world for 11 months, before skipping His Empire State Building in 1931.

statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was designed by the French sculptor Bartholdi in cooperation with Gustave Eiffel, and France presented it to America on the centenary of the independence of the United States as an affirmation of the historic alliance between the two countries, and the statue is a global symbol of freedom and peace and the abolition of slavery, democracy and human rights, and it was erected at the entrance to New York Port In the year 1886 AD, welcome millions of immigrants to the United States.

central Park

Central Park was one of the first American parks to be developed using landscape architecture techniques, and it is the largest and most important public park in Manhattan, New York, and one of the greatest achievements in the field of garden coordination, and was officially opened in 1876 AD, and an area of ​​340 hectares.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is a large entertainment and commercial complex located in the center of Manhattan. The 30th-floor Rockefeller Plaza, the 70th floor of the complex, is the main building of the complex, and in front of it is the famous bronze (Atlas) statue.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 AD, and it is one of the most famous museums in the United States, as it contains more than two million artworks, and the museum’s most prominent holdings are photographs, weapons and armor, American decorative arts, musical instruments, and many more.


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