The best places in Phuket

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Big Buddha statue

The Big Buddha statue (English: Big Buddha) is one of the most important religious monuments on Phuket Island, and it is a huge white statue made of marble, with a length of forty-five meters, and because there are a large number of Thai residents who believe in Buddhist belief, this statue is followed An important edifice for them, and it can be said that this religious landmark arouses the admiration of visitors to the extent that many ventures by taking the distance reaching it by walking in the heat of the sun; to enjoy its close-up view in broad daylight.

Hurriyah Beach

Freedom Beach is one of the beaches of Phuket which is famous for its beauty, and what distinguishes the beach from other places is its isolation, its extreme calmness, and it is worth noting that a visitor cannot practice any of the water sports on this beach, as it is distinguished As it is free from any source of inconvenience that may be present on other beaches; perhaps the reason for its calmness is its distance, and the difficulty in reaching it, except that its soft white sands and the serenity of its water is worth the effort to be made for those looking for calm and breathtaking views.


Fantasea (English: Fantasea) is a popular tourist attraction in Phuket Island, and it represents an integrated exhibition that is considered the largest on the island, where a visitor can get acquainted with the traditional Thai culture, its history through various exhibits and tools, as well as various exhibits and displays in the exhibition. The main tourist attractions, such as restaurants, parks, in addition to being designed in the form similar to the Las Vegas exhibition, and about the same size, and it is important that the visitor must go to this famous exhibition that attracts visitors with its charm, and Severity.

National Museum of Thalang

Thalang National Museum (Thalang National Museum) was established to serve as a living witness to the depiction of Phuket’s prehistoric past, through various times, and up to what is known as the “mining age”, by offering it in two ways: Thai and English, and thus preserves On the history of Andaman, as it is presented, it tells the legend of the two heroes whose memorial has been immortalized in a special memorial about two hundred meters away from the museum, knowing that this tournament story dates back to the eighteenth century, when the heroes led the island’s women in battle wearing the men’s uniform.

Sirinat National Park

Sirinat National Park is divided into two parts, one in land, and the other in the sea, which includes a coastal piece of land with an area of ​​twenty-two square kilometers, in addition to eighty-six square kilometers of marine water, as it reaches the northern part of the sea, as it reaches the northern part of the sea Bang Thao is located in the northern part of Phuket Island. It is worth noting that there are many beaches in the park, such as: Knighton Beach, Nai Yang Beach, and Mai Khao Beach, where a visitor can enjoy it, and reside in the designated headquarters, in addition to that there are Also restaurants He made many cuisines.

Phuket Old Town

The ancient city of Phuket is the center of Phuket Island in Thailand, and it has a central location; it is close to the mountainous region to the north, and the Gulf to the south, and it is located near the Bang Yai canal, knowing that the city consists of a group of buildings that combine Chinese architecture, The Portuguese, which existed more than a hundred years ago, also includes a bank, a museum, and many commercial stores, in addition to ancient palaces and places of residence, and it can be said that the place is a center for the diversity of cultures, and its value is not limited to both sides, And cultural only, but extends to both historical and social.


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