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Puncak is one of the cities of Indonesia, and it is one of the important tourist places in it, because it contains many places that attract many tourists from around the world, especially for the residents of Jakarta.

The best places in Puncak

There are many tourist and favorite places that are visited by large numbers of tourists in Puncak:

Al-Taawun Mosque

This mosque was built in the year 1997 AD in Puncak, Indonesia, and it is one of the important tourist places in Puncak, due to its unique construction, which is made up of three floors, in addition to its walls made of transparent glass, and it is surrounded by gardens that occupy vast areas The mosque is surrounded by many itinerant vendors, who work to provide many varied food items and snacks, in addition to many souvenirs related to this place.

Puncak Waterfall

This waterfall is about ninety minutes away from Jakarta, and it is considered one of the tourist attractions in Puncak, and it is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery that the visitor gets the pleasure of looking at, despite not knowing large numbers of tourists for this place, but it is one of the places that deserve The visit, which contains seven distinct waterfalls, and in order for the visitor to see all that is present in this waterfall, he must walk on foot in the pine forest, and this forest is one of the special places for people who prefer wandering by walking long distances.

Holiday park

This park is characterized by containing many diverse facilities such as cultural and recreational facilities that are preferred by many, especially the youth, in addition to the presence of a swimming pool and rowing boats for cruises, many residential gatherings, restaurants that provide distinguished services, wonderful water games, various shopping centers and many others One of the facilities, with an area of ​​about thirty acres.

Puncak Safari Park

This park is distinguished for its large number of diverse animals, which number about 2500 animals, such as the Bengal tigers, bears, giraffes, monkeys, donkeys and many others, in addition to the presence of a garden for birds, restaurants that provide services to visitors, and a playground for children.

Colorful lake

This lake is characterized by its location in West Java from Puncak, in addition to the pleasure of looking at many scenic landscapes, and it is one of the quiet places where the visitor gets rest, calm and relaxation, and he can practice many activities available in it such as water biking, rowing boat and other activities Where this lake was chosen as the best tourist place in the year 1973 AD.

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