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The Colosseum is a monument in the form of a grand amphitheater, and is the most famous place in Rome, knowing that this amphitheater was built by the Flavian emperors (in English: Flavian emperors) in a valley whose waters had dried up, consisting of three levels About 10 years ago, an engineering marvel witnessing the greatness of Romen society appeared, as for its uses, it was varied, as fighting shows were arranged between the wrestlers, vehicle races, and other entertainment events, and celebrations of official occasions, and people were sitting on the marble chairs In it, to follow the presentations, it is worth noting that the stadium accommodates a large number of audiences, estimated at a maximum of 80,000 spectators.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Basilica is the second largest church in the world by area, and it is also one of the most important Christian churches in the world. Regardless of the visitor’s religion, he will be stunned, because of the beauty of this church, because he can see creativity In every corner of it, whether it is in its high ceilings, and the touches of exquisite decoration in it, or in domes, and its design, as the visitor can see the tombs of the popes under the ground, and he can climb up through the elevator in the church to reach the domes, It has a breathtaking view Z Rome from the top.

Piazza Novana

Piazza Novana (English: Piazza Navona), or the oval square of Novana, is a very vital place where artists gather; to draw paintings, as souvenirs are sold, and at night the place is crowded, and teeming with tourists; the square is surrounded by many luxurious cafes, and it has three luxurious fountains that make it It is one of the most beautiful, well-known, and popular arenas by tourists in the city of Rome. It is worth noting that Piazza Novana was an old stadium, or a stadium where sports competitions, chariot races, and others were held, as were competitions and water games when they were flooded in a season. Summer, and the courtyard still retains its charm, beauty, and oval shape to this day.


The Pantheon is considered the best preserved ancient Romen ruins, and it is one of the rare buildings, as it is characterized by its huge columns, its very thick walls, and its wide area. What distinguishes it is the high, large domes that make the visitor feel the greatness of the place. When he raises his head, and looks at it, knowing that there is an opening in the middle of the dome that allows the passage of light to form a standing pillar inside, a scene that captures the visitor, especially when the light reaches the royal tombs covered in marble, and the carriage travelers inside the circular walls, he opened Another masterpiece added to this great historical building.

Romen Forum

The Romen Forum is located in the center of the ancient city of Rome, and takes a rectangular shape between the Palatine Hill and the Capitoline Hill, a place that embraces many historical monuments and temples that attract tourists. The Romen Forum is considered one of the most famous tourist sites in the city of Rome, and indeed the world as a whole. More than 4.5 million tourists visit it annually, and it occupied an important place because it was a place where people gathered in order to discuss religious, political, and social matters in the city. Old.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is located in the Trevi neighborhood in Rome, and the legend says that whoever visits the fountain and throws coins in it, he guarantees his return to Rome later, knowing that this fountain is designed by the designer Nicola Salvi (English: Nicola Salvi) who won a design competition for a new fountain, and began building it, as it started in 1732 AD, but he died in 1751 AD before he completed it, so he completed it after him Giuseppe Panini (English: Giuseppe Pannini), and finished it in 1762 AD, and it is worth noting The fountain draws water from an ancient, stripped, artificial water channel In the name of Acqua Vergine (English: Acqua Vergine), it consists of a statue (from the works of the sculptor Pietro Brace) standing in the middle of the fountain on a cart pulled by horses, knowing that it is imperative that everyone who wants tourism to Rome visit the fountain and enjoy its beauty.

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