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Georgia Museum

The National Museum of Georgia (English: Museum of Georgia) is located in the land of Tbilisi, and it is filled with artistic and antique works, some of which were made of gold and precious stones. It is worth noting that the museum is famous for organizing many exhibitions that represent Asian art, in addition to historical photography, and that Through its archaeological inventory.

Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is considered one of the most important tourist places in Tbilisi, which is a pedestrian bridge designed by italyn Michel De Luci, which was built of steel and glass, and was opened to tourists in the year two thousand and ten, and it is worth noting that the bridge is located On Erekle II Street, full of cafes and galleries.

Narikala Fortress

Among the sulfur baths, the botanical garden, and in the oldest areas in Tbilisi, the Narikala Fortress built in red brick, which dates back to the fourth century, rises above the Abanotubani fortress, and it is worth noting that the fort is considered a Persian fortress. Old, it includes the Church of Saint Nicholas, which was established in the nineties, and the visitor can ride the cable car to enjoy the beautiful views of the fort.

clock tower

It is a tower designed by Rizo Gabriadz, where the tower contains tiles made by its designer, and it also includes a display of brides called (Circle of Life), as this show can be seen in the afternoon, and at seven in the evening, either in the upper floor of the clock tower (English: Clock Tower), there is a beautiful sight of an angel coming out, and knocking the bell, knowing that this scene is repeated every hour.

Metekhi Church

Narikala Castle faces the Metekhi Church, which is located on the opposite side, alongside a famous statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, which is one of the most famous historical places in the city, and it is important to mention that the church still exists since the thirteenth century, where It was rebuilt more than once.


Tbilisi is considered one of the major cities of Georgia, and it rises above sea level about four hundred and ninety meters, knowing that the number of the city’s population reaches approximately 1,049,498 people,

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