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The city of Carthage is one of the most famous places in the city of Tunis, as it is famous for its Romen monuments, and the ancient monuments located on the shores of the Mediterranean, which makes it enjoy a wonderful and charming view, in addition to containing attractive natural scenery, and the most important monuments: the Romen Palace, Romen theater, and other monuments.

The town of Jem

The town of El-Jem is located on the southern side of Tunisia, and it is considered one of the most important places that must be visited when going to Tunisia. UNESCO World Heritage.

Kairouan city

The city of Kairouan is one of the ancient Islamic historical cities, and it is located in the northern side of Tunisia, knowing that the date of its foundation dates back to the year seventy-six hundred, as the city was holy to Moroccans, and it occupies the fourth rank among the most sacred cities in Islam; it is rich in Arab culture It is worth noting that it is distinguished by its walls, narrow streets, buildings, and its mosques, which are decorated and decorated with mosaics.

Ghilan Palace

The sands of southern Tunisia embrace an amazing little oasis known as (Ghaylan Palace), which is characterized by its wonderful calm and charming nature, and it includes hot springs of water, and offers the visitor the opportunity to stay in the camps, and ride the camels; to enjoy seeing the sand dunes, the sunset, the best place To relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Paula Regia

Paula Regia (an archaeological site) is located in the northwestern side of Tunisia, particularly near the city of Jendouba, and the area was famous for growing grapes, olives and grains, which led to the prosperity of the region.


Hammamet is located on the northern side of Tunisia, specifically on the coast of the Mediterranean, where it is a popular tourist resort, because of its enjoyable picturesque beaches, and wonderful areas of wide, as it is characterized by ancient monuments left by civilizations that have arisen on its land, and houses of color the White.

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