The best places in Turkey

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Officially known as the Republic of Turkey, it was founded in 1923 AD after the Ottoman rule ended in it, and Turkey has since started participating in international organizations, as it became in 1945 AD a member of the United Nations, and political and party pluralism has spread in it since 1950 AD, and in In 1952, it became an active member of NATO. The country witnessed military coups during the years 1960 AD, 1971 AD, and 1980 AD, and resulted in the return of power in the country to civilians, and in turn contributed to the organization of government there.
After the military rule began two years ago, the Turkish constitution began, meaning in 1982 AD, and the form of government in Turkey was representative, and the government included the president, the cabinet, and the Grand Legislative Assembly. Turkey has great importance according to its distinguished geographical location, as part of it is located in the continent of Asia, and another part is located in the continent of Europe, which is a relatively large Islamic country in terms of population or area, and about 3% of the Turkish lands are located in the far eastern part of Southern Europe, which is known as Thrace, and the rest of the Turkish lands to the east are called Anatolia, or the Asia Minor region.

The best places in Turkey

Turkey is distinguished by the presence of many historical, archeological and tourist sites that make it a tourist country, where there are museums and monuments, and also contains seaports of great importance such as Aegean Ports in Bodrum and Izmir, as well as It has many ancient cities such as Ephesus, Tarsus, Erzurum and Trabzon, and many activities and sports can be practiced in Turkey like skiing, where there is a private resort Uludag is also available for skiing Boiling mountains, football sports, and many traditional sports and competitions such as a javelin contest on horseback, and the country of Turkey can be visited for tourism throughout the year according to the desired ambiance of the tourist, but most of the tourist trips take place during the months of April , May, September, and October are among the most beautiful places and cities in Turkey:


Istanbul is an ancient city, and this city extends over two continents Europe and Asia, and Istanbul has a long history as it was the capital of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine State, then the Latin State, then the Ottoman Empire, and Istanbul is the cultural, economic and financial center of the state, and it is the carriage on the list of heritage UNESCO World, Istanbul was a site where many cultures merged as it brings together churches, mosques, and temples, and it contains palaces, castles and historical towers, and among the most prominent tourist places in Istanbul:

  • Aya Sofia: It is the Orthodox Patriarchate Cathedral, it was founded after the Islamic conquest, then it turned into a mosque and after it became a museum, and it is one of the most important and famous tourist places in Istanbul.
  • Thutmose III Obelisk: This obelisk was located in the Karnak Temple to the south of the Seventh Pylon, and this obelisk was raised by Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, then moved to Alexandria and remained there until the Emperor Theodosius I ordered its transfer to the city of Constantinople in 390 AD.
  • Bosphorus Bridge: It is known as the First Bosphorus Bridge, and it is one of the two bridges that link the continent of Europe with the continent of Asia, and this bridge occupies the fourth place among the suspended bridges in the world in length, reaching length of 1,510 meters.
  • Sultan Ahmed mosque: It is a mosque built by Sultan Ahmed I during the period 1609-1616 AD, and it is distinguished by the color of the blue tiles inside it, so it is called the Blue Mosque.
  • The new mosque: This mosque is located at the strait of the Golden Horn, also known as the Sultan’s Mother Mosque.
  • Yildiz Palace: This palace was the seat of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and his entourage, and was built in 1880 AD, and the palace includes in its building a group of small houses in which the Ottoman sultans sometimes relaxed to get away from the problems of governance and the troubles of work.

The city of Antalya

It is a city of enchanting beauty, and is characterized by its nature as it is located between the Taurus Mountains and the shores of the Mediterranean, and it is known as the Turkish Riviera, as it is the most beautiful region in the Mediterranean coast in the state of Turkey, and the city enjoys the presence of many tourist places such as Ataturk Park and the Water Museum And it contains the Antalya Museum and the theme park. There are also many historical places and palaces, and the mini city. Visitors can visit the Kursunlu Waterfalls and Düden Waterfalls to enjoy the natural scenery around them.
Antalya occupies the third place after Paris and London as one of the cities visited by millions of tourists annually, and among the most prominent tourist places in Antalya is the majestic Hadrian Gate, and there are traces of Termisus, which is located half an hour from the city of Antalya, where the visitor can take a tour to see the existing monuments and the theater that It overlooks the Taurus Mountains, and a visitor can also bring food around the ruins, as there are no restaurants or shops there.


Ankara is the capital of the state of Turkey, and it is the second largest city in terms of area. It is located in the middle of Turkey on the Anatolian Plateau, which has earned it great importance over the ages. Usually tourists visit this city in the months of June to September, where In the summer it is very hot and dry, and in the winter it is so cold that snow falls in it, and visitors can go to the mausoleum of the founder of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, and one of the most important archaeological sites in Ankara is the Ankara castle, and it is considered the oldest castle in it.
There is also the Roman Theater, and the elegant Augustus Rome Temple, which is located in the old Ulus neighborhood. There is also the Roman bathhouse, and the Victory Monument that represents Kemal Ataturk wearing the military uniform. There are many cafes and restaurants in Ankara, in addition to shopping places, and include many From the old shops that tourists prefer, the shops of hand-woven fabrics, handmade carpets and various products made of leather. The visitor can move in Ankara using either buses, metro or taxis known as taxi.


Izmir is a city located on the western coast of Turkey, and is one of the largest Turkish cities, and in this city there are many tourist places that distinguish it and make it a distinguished place for families to hike and recreation, there is a Corniche that extends to a distance of 4 km, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and hotels overlooking the sea, as there are Special places for bicycles, and special places for pedestrians, and there is also the old bazaar, which is the term Kemerti Market which includes many jewelry stores, accessories, fish, vegetable markets, spices, and many handicrafts.
Also in the city is the Hasar Mosque, which was built in the sixteenth century, in which visitors sit to rest from the noise of the city and the free summer, and in the city the Asansur district, which has the historical elevator, a lift that helped the residents of the neighborhood to overcome the fatigue resulting from 155 degrees, and in the city there is a garden The animals are known as Wildlife, and they contain many animals, as there are restaurants, gardens, and children’s playgrounds. It is worth noting that entering the park is a small amount that does not exceed 3 Turkish liras only.


It is a city away from Antalya 200 km to the west, and this city is considered a destination for celebrities, as it is inhabited by many famous and rich people in the world, and the city includes a group of beautiful small islands, in addition to a group of bays with green terrain, and in the city many tourist places, in addition to cafes The markets, and the shops that sell different handicrafts, such as carpets and luxurious fabric, and Fethiye city have a coastal nature and a traditional lifestyle that attracts visitors to it, and near it is the famous beach known as the Ulu Deniz, which is a quiet beach away from the rugged and arid areas, and visitors can I can’t have fun.


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