Tourism guide in Turkey in winter, that charming city that God loved with beautiful nature and magical climate, which is getting more beautiful in the winter, as you can do many different types of sports such as skiing, which is one of the best sports that you can enjoy And tourists from all over the world go to Turkey in the winter to enjoy it, so we will take you on a tour of the best places that you can visit in Turkey.

Places of tourism in Turkey in winter:

1- Bursa city:

You can visit the city of Bursa, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy it in summer and winter, as it enjoys the splendor of fertile plains, and there are a lot of great tourist attractions such as the Great Mosque and the Yechel Mosque, and the beaches, and you can visit the warm springs that take you in a world of magic And imagination especially in the winter.
You can also eat a number of hot, delicious meals such as kebabs, sweetened chestnuts, peaches and haloum, which makes visiting in the winter a very special thing.

2- Carb city for those who like to ski:

Kartepa is one of the picturesque Turkish cities that you can enjoy in the winter, as it offers a distinctive type and content for winter tourism, in order for you to enjoy skiing on ice, ”and you can rent clothes from one of the shops on either side of the road leading to it, then You can then ski on the ice from the top of the summit, and you will be able to smell the barbeque from restaurants on both sides of the road that offer delicious Turkish cuisine that will help you warm.

3- Trabzon:

It is one of the most important Turkish cities that witness a heavy demand from tourists from everywhere, especially in the winter, as you can enjoy the picturesque nature that God loved it, as it is one of the quiet cities in the winter that will take you in an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation away From the hustle and bustle of the city and the modern life.
You can also enjoy the snow-capped mountains, and you can go skiing, which is one of the main activities that the village offers to all people as it is cheap.
You can also take a tour in the embrace of nature, where you can enjoy picturesque lakes and charming rural villages, and you can enjoy visiting museums and ancient churches, as the city has many tourist attractions that you can enjoy.

4- Yelwa and enjoy hot water:

Yelova is a charming city that is about 175 km away from Istanbul, the beating heart of Turkey, approximately two hours by car, but if you want to go to it very quickly you can ride the fast ferry, which will take you to the arms of hot water within an hour.
You can walk around this charming city on foot as it is one of the small towns, and you can enjoy the hot springs in Yalova, allowing you to feel the warmth and away from the snow in the winter.

5- Istanbul, the beating heart of Turkey:

If you are a fan of watching snow as it falls you should visit Turkey, as you will see snow falling through the domes of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is covered with snow in the winter.
You can also enjoy it and spend a longer period in the winter as hotel prices are very low in the winter than the rest of the year, and you can also enjoy watching all the ancient tourist places in the city without feeling the inconvenience that occurs in the summer, which The city is crowded with tourists.

6- Bolognese Coy:

This city is characterized by magic and beauty, especially in the winter, and it is one of the most places that you can enjoy in the winter as it is very quiet for the summer, when the city is packed with tourists and visitors, if you want to escape from the city’s atmosphere and enjoy the calm, beauty and psychological and mental serenity Go to this city and do not miss the opportunity.

7- Antalya:

Antalya is one of the most important tourism and touring centers in Istanbul, as you can enjoy wandering and skiing, which is one of the most important attractions and sports in Turkey, and you can move from the warmness on the beaches to the ice on the highlands and snow.
And do not forget to visit the Taurus Mountains, which surround Antalya, which are covered in white from snow during the winter months until the beginning of spring, and you can visit the Olympus Mountains. So you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cool ice caps.
Therefore, dear reader, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Turkey in the winter in order to enjoy the charming nature, away from the noise in the summer.

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