The best places of tourism in Fethiye

المسافرون العرب

Romen Theater

The Romen Theater was built in Fethiye by the Romens, and excavation began in the second century B.C. It was expected that this amphitheater would accommodate approximately 6000 spectators, indicating the possibility of visiting the Romen amphitheater, and ascending its upper terraces To get a great view of the city and the sea behind it, this garden facing the theater is a good place to relax and sit.

Fethiye Museum

Fethiye Museum is one of the most famous museums that show the history of the city and the history of the Lycian people who lived in it, so this museum has many manuscripts and ancient monuments that contain information that clearly explains the Lycian culture, in addition to that it contains many archaeological groups Such as pottery, jewelry and paintings. One of the most famous paintings in the museum is a trilingual plaque engraved in the Lycian, ancient Greek, and Aramaic languages. This painting was found during the excavation of Letoön.

Kayakoy Village

The famous village of Kayakoy is located in the ghost town near Fethiye, and it was a densely populated summer village with a prosperous community of Christians and Muslims, who lived in peace until the population was exchanged between Turkey and Greece in 1923 AD, and it is noteworthy that the village is known today as a group of Churches, houses, and old and abandoned shops.

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Let them

Letaiaon District is located in the Fethiye District of Mugla, and this area is considered the haven of Leto, which was considered ancient goddess of women and motherhood, and therefore this region constitutes an important religious center in the region, and its ruins are visited by many visitors, in search of its history.

Crusader castle

Crusader Fortress is located on the slope of the hills above Fethiye, to the south, all the way to Kaikawy. This castle is the fortress that was built by the Knights of St. John at the beginning of the fifteenth century. This castle can be visited, and get to know Its effects are the Crusader castle tower.

fish market

The fish market is one of the most famous tourist places that can be visited in Fethiye, as this famous place consists of a group of restaurants and fish dealers, and it is the first and most common experience to eat in Fethiye, so that visitors can buy fresh fish, and take it to one of the restaurants to cook it, as well In this market you can find peddlers, florists, and listen to Rome music.

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The Lycian city of Pinara

The ruins of the Lycian city of Pinara are located southeast of Fethiye, and these monuments are among the most famous places of interest, because of their slope that includes more than 900 rock tombs, in addition to the beautiful landscapes that surround the ruins, especially around the stage that is characterized by scenes of snowy mountain peaks. And green forests surrounding it.

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