We offer you through this article Tourism in Tangier with pictures and the best tourist places in it, as the city of Tangier is one of the most famous cities that exist in Morocco, because it is considered one of the tourist cities, as it includes many different tourist places, along with a group of your landmarks The distinctive archeology which attracts visitors from all over the world, and we will get to know the best places in Tangier through this article.

Best tourist places in Tangier:

First: The Kasbah:

The Kasbah is one of the most famous places in Tangier, and the Kasbah is located directly on the banks of the valley, which is called the Valley of the Throat, and the Kasbah is one of the various ancient buildings.

Entertainment in the Kasbah:

  • Enjoy watching many buildings that are found in the Kasbah, the most famous of which is the famous Palace of the Dome.
  • Enjoy watching this great edifice, which also includes a distinguished mosque.

Second: The Cave of Hercules:

The Cave of Hercules is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Tangier, because it is one of the unique places, and it is one of the largest caves in Africa, where that cave extends to more than thirty meters underground.

Entertainment in the Cave of Hercules:

  • Enjoy watching the exterior cave shape, which includes a distinctive and attractive design, as well as sculptures that include distinctive graphics.
  • Enjoy watching the many scenic views around the cave, including the sea view.
  • You can enjoy some snacks or have a drink in restaurants near the cave and enjoy the unique view of the cave.

Third: The Moroccan Art Museum:

The Museum of Moroccan Arts is one of the most famous museums that exist in the city of Tangier, because it includes many authentic Moroccan collectibles, and the history of the establishment of that museum dates back to the seventeenth century, and this indicates that the museum is one of the ancient monuments in Morocco.

Entertainment at the Museum of Moroccan Arts:

  • Enjoy watching this old-fashioned museum, which houses a unique architectural design.
  • Enjoy watching the various possessions inside the museum.
  • See the columns decorated with motifs and reliefs in the museum.

Fourth: Al Haffa Cafe:

The Haffa Café is also one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Tangier, as this cafe is not a traditional café, but rather one of the cafes that is always frequented by some famous people and thinkers, from all parts of the earth.

Entertainment at Haffa Cafe:

  • Enjoy enjoying many distinct drinks that are in the café, while enjoying a unique and unique view, because the café is located on a high plateau.
  • Many politicians, art, literature, and some celebrities can be seen by being in the café.
  • Enjoy relaxing with family and friends in a different distinct atmosphere and enjoy the calm.

Fifth: The Big Market:

The big market is one of the most important places that must be visited in the Moroccan city of Tangier, because it is one of the most attractive places for visitors from all over the world, because that market includes many distinctive shops that have all kinds of goods.

Entertainment on the big market:

  • Enjoy buying many different and distinctive goods that are at the highest level of service, in addition to being at reasonable prices, because the market includes a group of different shops.
  • The Grand Market includes a large group of distinctive restaurants located throughout the market, which offer the finest Moroccan and Arabic cuisine.
  • Enjoying the most beautiful drinks that are available on the market.
  • The large market also houses some distinct mosques of various designs.

Sixth: St. Andrew’s Church:

Saint Andrew Church is one of the most important tourist attractions that can be visited in Tangier, because it is one of the churches that includes the distinctive architectural design, where the church was built in the Islamic style.

Entertainment at St. Andrew’s Church:

  • Enjoy watching many old Islamic designs, which made the Church a different and attractive landmark.
  • Enjoy watching many of the constellations in the church, which were built in the form of the silos of the mosques and Moroccan mosques.
  • See the many decorations, inscriptions, and some of the church’s unique sculptures.

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