If you want to do some shopping for souvenirs during your trip in Madrid, you will find many options. Besides the traditional jewelery and postcard stores, you will also find an impressive array of markets and boutique stores, where you can buy an impressive array of local Spanish goods and products.

Here are some of the best shopping places to buy souvenirs in Madrid:

Calle Mayor:

If you want to buy typical souvenirs like traditional local clothing, handicrafts, etc. in Madrid, you can find what you are looking for in stores and shops along Calle Calle Mayor, which offers famous flamenco dresses, traditional Spanish fans, postcards and other souvenirs. You can also find scarves and logos of Spanish football teams and other items that soccer fans use to encourage their favorite teams.

Rastro Open Market:

It is the largest open market in Madrid, and the market is open to visitors every Sunday morning, and there you will find an impressive array of local Spanish goods that include leather goods and elegant Bashmini textiles made of cashmere.

Mercado de San Antón:

Also known as the Food Court or Gourmet Square, it is an ideal place to buy and taste local Spanish food and drinks. You can also find a selection of the finest Spanish olive oil and high-quality Spanish soap made from natural ingredients.

Curiosite Store:

If you are looking for unique and unconventional souvenirs, you may visit the “Curiosite” store in Madrid, famous for selling a large variety of small and cute souvenirs.

Ferpal Store:

It is an ideal destination for those who wish to present a souvenir gift in the form of delicious local Spanish food, as this store provides a variety of high-quality Iberian meats, Spanish cheese, and the best of all is that the foods available in this store are available in sealed packages so that they are easy to carry and ship on Airplane when you are on your way to return to your home country.

Official stores selling T-shirts and uniforms for Spanish football teams:

The best places to buy shirts and the official and original costumes of Spanish football teams are the official stores, and its branches devoted to selling the official shirts of the Spanish football teams. Fortunately, you can find many of them in Madrid, especially the stores selling official uniforms for the Real Madrid team, including the Real Madrid fashion store. At the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which is near the 55th gate of the stadium, and Real Madrid Tienda Oficial’s official fashion retailers are found in various locations in Madrid, especially in the central Madrid area.

“Casa de Diego” Store:

If you want to buy a large variety of souvenirs at discounted prices, you may experience shopping at “Casa de Diego”, which offers a great selection of local Spanish goods and products, including fans, umbrellas, hats, scarves and other great handicrafts and elegant textiles.

The Nest store:

For unconventional and elegant souvenirs such as books, notebooks and stationery you can shop at “The Nest”, which also provides a wonderful collection of postcards, jewelery, accessories and other products that are great souvenirs to carry with you to the home, and you will notice that shopping in this store Very fun and easy especially since the store owner is fluent in English.

San Anton Market Square
San Anton Market Square

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