Guide to the best places to eat in halal Japan. Usually, Muslim and resident tourists face a problem in finding restaurants that are interested in providing meals during the meal, but recently and in light of the spread and increase in the numbers of Arab and Muslim tourists in Japan, especially those from Southeast Asian countries, this helped to increase the number of Japanese restaurants Which serves traditional Japanese meals but in the Islamic way, and in light of Japan’s keenness to increase tourist attractions to it, the government made a good effort for the gradual increase in halal Japanese restaurants, and many restaurants and hotels were baptized Li change in the traditional components of many Japanese dishes consisting of meat and pig meat are replaced slaughtered animals on Islamic law Here are more details on Arab travelers.

Best Halal Places in Japan:

There are many halal restaurants in Japan that are interested in providing a lot of Arab and Turkish dishes, even Japanese dishes. In our article today, we collected a number of halal restaurants, so in the event planning to visit Japan there is no need to worry about halal restaurants, and what you provide of oriental foods and traditional Japanese foods Halal.

Halal restaurants in Tokyo, Japan:

  • Morocco Restaurant:

It is considered one of the distinctive Arab restaurants in Tokyo, and it is basically a Moroccan restaurant that specializes in providing a wide variety of oriental dishes, especially Moroccan dishes, including appetizers, desserts, grills, meat, tomato and others, this restaurant opens its doors throughout the week except Sunday.
  • Nefertiti Restaurant:

It is one of the Egyptian restaurants and it is considered one of the best halal restaurants in Tokyo. It serves oriental dishes, especially the Egyptian ones. It serves traditional Egyptian dishes such as poultry, stuffs and some sweets, alongside grilled meat and fish. The restaurant opens its doors starting from eleven in the morning until one after midnight.

  • Bosphorus Hassan Restaurant:

And he is considered one of the best halal Turkish restaurants in the city, he is interested in providing Turkish meals such as Turkish authorities, grills, drinks and sweets, and work in the restaurant starts from eleven in the morning until eleven in the evening.

Halal restaurants in Osaka:

  • Ali Kitchen Restaurant:

It is a Pakistani restaurant and serves a varied menu for Middle Eastern dishes such as grills, falafel and hummus.

  • Bab Al Hayat Restaurant:

It is a Turkish restaurant that serves many delicious eastern and Turkish dishes as well as appetizers, salads, juices and others.

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