The best places to go out in Hurghada

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The most famous exit places in Hurghada and the most beautiful for tourism and entertainment, as tourists come to it from all sides, it is worth noting that it is one of the cities that are geographically distinguished with many advantages, as it is located in the Red Sea, the largest port and meeting place that brings people from everywhere, the engineer and a man recently Workers Naguib Sawiris held an annual festival on the land of that governorate specifically, the villa of El-Gouna, an oasis of beauty, luxury and fun, as it did not take place in vain, but because of its impact on the world level, which attracts attention for centuries, so let us know the most important places to go out in Hurghada through this article Introduced by Arab travelers, follow us.

Exit places in Hurghada

Hurghada is famous as the most famous diving area in the world, so let’s get to know the most prominent of these beautiful tourist areas in which tourists enjoy diving.

He left in Hurghada

We offer you, my dear reader, the most prominent areas in Hurghada that you can spend the best times, in addition to being one of the most famous diving areas in the world.

Giftun Island

  • It is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations for tourists, as it includes 14 diving places.
  • Giftun Island has a rare nature reserve that is unparalleled in the entire Red Sea region.
  • Giftun Island Nature Reserve includes rare plants and birds.
  • It is mentioned that Giftun Island contains about 50% of the seagulls in the world, in addition to that it contains fossils that are unparalleled in the world.
  • Giftun Island is characterized by its beautiful, soft sand that lives on the banks of the most wonderful beaches that tourists from all over the world visit.

Fanadir Island

  • It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that tourists from all over the world visit, as it has many charming views that affect hearts.
  • Fanadir is one of the most prominent diving areas in Hurghada.
  • Fanadir has a diving site filled with long and narrow reefs.
  • Dive practitioners can find their safe haven in all kinds of scuba diving, including drifting and deep diving. Beginners also have a chance.
  • El Gouna is the port from which the diver can go to the Al-Fanadir area for diving, as it is one of the best areas because it enjoys a safe weather and unparalleled coral reefs, in addition to that coral reefs enjoy the view and the soul.

Carlos Island

  • It is one of the most beautiful islands in Hurghada, because of the spectacular views and diving areas on its surface.
  • Carlos Bay has the intertwined coral forest inhabited by rare fish, including tuna, hammer and moai.
  • Dear reader, we advise you to spend your day in the Carlos Reef reef, which is one of the most prominent and beautiful places to go out in Hurghada.

The best housing area in Hurghada

Dear reader, we show you the best places to live or stay during your trip in Hurghada.

El Gouna Resort

  • El Gouna Resort got its reputation after the producer held his golf course, which was organized by Fred Kobles, who got the number one in golfing, as it attracted the world’s attention towards it since that time.
  • The resort houses a small museum that houses about ninety art pieces by Hassan Bikar.
  • Dear reader, you can spend the best times in El Gouna Resort in the rooms it offers at prices ranging from 1,500 pounds to 2000 pounds.
  • El Gouna is a home for diving and water sports varied and different, in addition to the possibility to enjoy intense privacy, as there is around each chalet and villa a wonderful water channel.

Sahl Hasheesh Resort

  • It is the resort called the city of the wealthy, which includes sports centers, theaters and spa.
  • Dear reader, you can find the best tourist attractions in this region. It is mentioned that there are 14 hotels, a tourist village, golf courses and an underwater village.
  • The reservation prices in these rooms are from 24000 to 30,000 pounds.

Through this article, we discussed many of the tourist areas in Hurghada, which is a region of magic and beauty.


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