The city of Polo is one of the tourist places in charming and rare Turkey, which enjoys a unique natural beauty that includes forests, lakes and beaches on the Black Sea in addition to hot springs and ski centers at the foothills of the mountains, and this makes it a distinctive tourist destination in summer and winter

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Tourism in Polo Turkey in winter

Let’s find out the most famous places of tourism in the city of Polo during the winter season


Kartal Kaya is one of the most important places of Polo Turkey in the winter. One of the most famous ski centers in Turkey is 40 km away from the city center of Polo, while the capital airport is 170 km away from Ankara, you can go to Kartal Kaya with family and friends and enjoy skiing throughout the day .. Read more
These are the best Cartel Kaya hotels
Grand Hotel Kartal is one of the best polo hotels located near the foothills of the Koroglu mountain in Bolu and offers comfortable accommodation and ski equipment rental service.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got good reviews in all respects.
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Tourism in Polo Turkey in winter

Polo hot springs

Mineral water springs are located 7 km from the center of Bolu, and these springs were famous because of their proximity to the famous Abant Lake and the main road that connects Ankara and Istanbul, so it has constituted an important destination for tourists coming to Polo Turkey in the winter.
Polo hot springs are distinguished from others because they contain fluorine in them, which is used to treat cardiovascular and other diseases.

Hot springs in Polo Turkey Winter

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