Istanbul is one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey as it is the first tourist destination for the country and a stronghold for a large number of historical and religious monumental buildings and wonderful archaeological arenas and design, with a number of the most beautiful cultural and artistic buildings and popular and modern markets that the tourism journey in Istanbul does not end without passing through.
And the popular markets in Istanbul are among the most popular shopping destinations that attract the residents of the city and the neighboring cities and tourists alike, because of the high quality goods offered at low prices that suit the limited possibilities.
This report presents a group of the most important cheap popular Istanbul markets to shop for souvenirs, gifts, personal items and handicrafts at very low prices that suit the budget of each trip.

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Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul includes a series of the best-known hotels in Turkey, some of which are world-famous, and provides a high level of services, facilities and forms of entertainment at affordable prices, and this report includes a group of the best hotels in Istanbul in the most famous tourist neighborhoods and close to the popular Istanbul markets, drawing on the opinions of its former visitors .. read more

Popular markets in Istanbul

The best popular markets in Istanbul

The popular markets in Istanbul are among the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that the local residents and tourists come to visit the city to get the best products and souvenirs at the lowest possible prices, so we have chosen for you through our report the best and most famous cheap and tried Istanbul markets to suit the budget of your trip:

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

One of the largest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul, specialized in selling handicrafts and souvenirs of various shapes, such as textiles, silver, gold, precious stones, textiles, traditional dress and ceramics.
Close to the Eminonu region, the Grand Bazaar, located in the historical Al Fateh area, is famous for being a covered market decorated with ceilings and ornate arches, and its floors are furnished with simple street vendors .. Read more

Istanbul cheap popular markets

The Egyptian market

The Egyptian market Istanbul is distinguished by its special luster and its varied and beautiful forms that attract the attention of Arab and foreign tourists, and it is one of the cheapest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul for the sale of spices, so it carries several names, the most famous of which are the spice market or the perfume market .. Read more

Istanbul's popular markets

Friday market in Istanbul

One of the most popular cheap Istanbul markets that takes place on Friday every week in the historical Fatih neighborhood, and is famous for its various goods, including clothes, shoes and cosmetics, as well as special sections for selling household appliances, fish and fresh vegetables .. Read more

Istanbul's popular market

Eminonu Market

One of the Istanbul markets that is worth a visit, as it provides the finest products at low prices, and it is also an opportunity for those who want to buy wholesale products. The Eminonu Market is famous for selling clothes, party supplies, jewelry, and wedding supplies .. Read more

Popular markets in Istanbul

Beyazit Istanbul Market

It is the popular Istanbul market that specializes in selling souvenirs, clothes and shoes for all family members, as well as jewelry, perfumes, and spices, all of this at wholesale prices, making it one of the most popular Istanbul markets for tourists thanks to the diversity of its goods and cheap prices.
The market is located in Beyazit district, within the Al-Fateh area. It is also famous for a number of popular restaurants and Turkish candy stores .. Read more

Popular markets in Istanbul

Istanbul Bazaars

The bazaats are one of the most popular and distinctive forms of the popular markets in Istanbul, and they usually specialize in selling certain products throughout the week or during one day of the week at low prices.
Perhaps the most popular Istanbul bazaars are: the Egyptian Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar for handicrafts in the neighborhood of Al-Fatih neighborhood and in the vicinity of Eminonu, the Saturday Bazaar in Besiktas, the Bazar Wednesday in Fatih, the Friday Bazar (Zada Hotel), the Sunday Bazar in Kadikoy, the Ortakoy Bazar, the Beylikduzu Bazar, the Thursday Bazar Separated from Istanbul .. Read more

Istanbul's popular market

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