The popular markets in Istanbul are among the most important visitors to Turkey, as they are distinguished by its diversity and variety in products and exhibits. There are some of these markets that are old for centuries, while others are modern and modern, but each market has its own advantages that attract visitors and tourists, and this is what makes it A prestigious archaeological place in the city.

Directory of the most popular markets in Istanbul:

Arista Market:

  • There is the famous Arista Market behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is called the Blue Mosque. Soldiers and cavalry weapons are sold in this market and this was common during the era of the Ottoman Empire, such as swords, shields and the clothing of warriors, this market includes about 60 shops, and currently all market stores sell works Handcrafted, such as antiques, maps, drawings, manuscripts, silver, gold, and paintings that tell the history of the Ottoman Empire.
  • What is best known in the Arista market is the sale of silk clothes and Turkish fabrics, the handcrafted Turkish carpets of luxurious appearance, as well as the sale of engraved pottery and ceramics, handcrafted gifts, Turkish natural soaps, and women’s accessories of bracelets and jewelry, and original leather shoes.
  • Close to Arista Market there is a large place for popular restaurants and cafes, which attracts its visitors with beautiful music, when you go to Istanbul do not forget to visit this large market that will make you feel the glory and civilization of the Ottoman Empire.

Grand Bazaar Market:

  • This market is one of the largest markets in Istanbul, and among the oldest historically, this market is visited by daily visitors numbering more than 300 thousand visitors, the Grand Bazaar market contains 4,500 commercial stores, and the number of its streets is 60 streets, and its total area reaches 30 thousand meters Square, the age of this market exceeds 560 years and is considered one of the oldest markets in the world. This market was built in 1455 CE by Sultan Mehmed I, but it was modified and expanded in the succession of Sultan Suleiman the Ottoman.
  • There is a Grand Bazaar market in an area called Beyazit, which is approaching famous places in terms of tourism, it is close to the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque, there are restaurants and cafes in this market for large food and drink, and there are old Turkish baths, this market is very close to the tram station for ease You reached it.
  • When you wander around this market you will find many shops such as gold and silver shops, gem shops and ancient Egyptian antiques, other souvenir shops, furniture stores, handmade clothes and fabrics, and shops for original leather.

Yesilkoy Market:

  • The Yesil Koy Market is an address for quiet places. This market has an abundant green area, although it is less famous than other markets, but it contains high-quality products and a good reputation for trying out the industries it contains.
  • Contains excellent silk fake scarves, and there are places for bathrooms, and contains tea cafes and places to rest and relax, wandering in the market to see all the gems and cosmetics of high-quality brands, and these sales are available at discounts of half and this is an illusion and imagination for visitors.

Besiktas Market:

  • The Besiktas market is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, it is a market that works throughout the week, but on Saturday it is devoted to the vegetable and food market. The big market.
  • The most important characteristic of this market is that its prices are affordable for everyone, as the percentage of prices in it reaches 60% less than any other market, and it is frequented by all classes of rich and poor, the bar and the young, so that artists wander in this market, including foreign and Turkish tourists.

Kadikoy Market:

  • Kadikoy market is a traditional folk market, it is considered among the various markets in Istanbul, where there is everything you need, this week opens two days a week on Tuesday and Friday, this market takes great and wide fame, where visitors, especially women, abound.
  • This market was opened narrowly and modestly in the year 1969 AD, and with the passage of years on it began to expand and increase its products and became more diversified and wide, now the area of ​​this market reaches 40 thousand square meters, and more than 4 thousand shops are built in it, selling all imitation and original brands And, all local and Turkish products, this market is located in an area called Kadikoy, you can access it easily.

Spice Market:

  • The spice market is located in the early primary parts of Istanbul, in an area called Eminonu near the new mosque, and also near the Galata Bridge and sea ferries there.
  • This market was built in the seventeenth century, around the middle of it, this market was a primary source of funding for the new mosque, so it was sometimes called the new market, and it was called the Spice Market later because herbs and spices are the basis of what is sold in it.
  • This market has 6 basic and two-storey entrances, and the second floor in the Ottoman Empire was the place of resolving disputes between sellers and buyers, the market contains about 80 shops that include all kinds of herbs that come to your mind, soap oils and cosmetics.

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