The best areas of Trabzon, Turkey, the city of Trabzon, that bright pearl overlooking the Black Sea coast and on the path of the historical Silk Road boasts the most beautiful Turkish cities in the northeast of Turkey, to declare Trabzon itself as the largest Turkish city and the center of many civilizations that this ancient city has witnessed throughout history, As we know about Trabzon, it is famous for its cultural and social heritage, which made it one of the charming cities for its visitors who come to it from all over the world, in addition to its ancient historical heritage and the presence of many wonderful tourist attractions, and the picturesque nature of The city is covered, so it attracts the attention of visitors and captures them, when visiting this city that many Arab tourists visit to enjoy visiting many of the attractions that Trabzon is famous for.

The best regions of Trabzon Turkey:

  • Uzungol Village:

This village, which gained great fame thanks to the long Uzungol lake surrounded by green meadows and mountains, is located at a distance from the Uzungol Lake, and the lake and its surroundings constitute a suitable place for hiking and camping as you wander through the charming nature and walk around the lake to inhale the fresh air, and there can visit the existing fish farms In the region where it is possible to choose the types of fish desired to be eaten to be a delicious dish on the food, and this village is famous for river salmon, which lives in cold water.

  • Buztbeh Hill:

This hill is located close to the city of Trabzon and is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Trabzon, where it is possible to enjoy seeing the sunset at the top of this hill, and the height of a hill with his position about 3000 m, and the hill is famous for its distinctive view of the Black Sea, and the hill includes a garden surrounded by Forests, trees and mountainous highlands, and a number of holy places such as the Monastery of Kaymakli and the Church of St. John, are located.
  • Serra Gul Lake:

It is one of the natural lakes that is characterized by its special charm, as there are many cafes and restaurants on its banks, located 25 km from the city, this wonderful lake formed from winter torrents and whose waters were mixed with trees and greenery that surrounds it from each side, and there are many possible animals See it there.

  • Rizeh Village:

It is considered one of the most beautiful natural places located one hour away from the city of Trabzon, and Rize village is famous for its wonderful hills and there are many valleys, waterfalls and a number of rivers, there can spend the most beautiful times in terms of comfort and simplicity.

  • Sultan Murad Heights:

It is located 35 km from Uzungol Lake, and the highlands of Sultan Murad are distinguished by their charming nature, with a number of services to meet the needs of visitors as there are a number of distinguished hotels and restaurants. In the evening, many traditional shows and celebrations that the locals offer to welcome visitors are held.

  • The bazaar area:

Where shopping in the bazaar to buy the most beautiful souvenirs to enjoy the splendor of the trip, there are a number of distinctive shops where local products are displayed in the market of clothing and jewelry and there are many traditional cafes and restaurants, and the bazaar is characterized by having all the magical ingredients so it means many visitors, and there You can enjoy sightseeing and recreational places where there are many sports such as canoeing and mountain biking.

  • Haider Nabi Resort:

It is a high plateau with a height of 1600 meters, and the resort of Hidid Nabi is characterized by its picturesque nature and it contains many tourist facilities, fog, springs, pastures, fog, lakes and green meadows.

  • The area of ​​Samuela:

This region is intended for nature lovers to spend the glory of times with family and friends, and this region is characterized by the presence of an ancient castle that includes many historical holdings dating back thousands of years, this region is distinguished by its trees and parks as well as the presence of many picturesque natural waterfalls, so tourists visit for recreation, rest and exercise Walking beside it contains many restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious Turkish food.

  • Chal Cave:

This wonderful cave that extends inside a mountain, and the cave of Chal, is the second longest cave in the world, where the length of the paths that were discovered in the cave is about 8 km, and the water level of the cave falls during the summer months to 25 cm, while in winter days the water level reaches 1.5 M.

  • Tundra National Park:

It is considered one of the most popular parks in the Black Sea region, and this garden is located in the western side of Trabzon, and it contains a rich group of animals and plants, and within it there is the Sumela Monastery, which is intended by many to visit it. As for the main types of plants found in the garden, there are fir trees, an eastern resin tree and trees Oak and pine, as well as lemon trees, chestnut, black pine and willow, as for the main animals in the garden are foxes, deer, bears, wild goats, wolves and wild boars.

  • Ragnos Valley Park:

This park is located in the city center of Trabzon, and it is characterized by its magnificent scenic view, where there are many popular cafes, and it is considered one of the most suitable places for walks and is suitable for families. There is a lake in the park and next to the park is an archaeological area of ​​the city.

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