The best resort in Dubai

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The best resort in Dubai

Dubai, by virtue of being one of the most prestigious tourist destinations, contains a large number of luxury tourist resorts, which provide the finest and best services to its guests within a high level of sophistication and craftsmanship in the field of spa and treatment, so it will be difficult for resort pioneers to prefer a resort than another except by searching for details The minute that the resort offers, which guests want to get, and here are some of the best Dubai resorts with the services that they provide for their guests.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort

Dubai Marine Resort is located near the Burj Khalifa, and it has a beach dedicated to its guests and visitors, in addition to three large swimming pools, and many places dedicated to entertaining guests and having fun times with immortal memories, and most of all, the resort contains a number of diverse sporting activities As for the most important features, it can be limited to the following:

  • Resort rooms, all hotel rooms with a large area interspersed with luxurious art decor with huge beds. Each room also includes a flat-screen TV, a mini bar and tea and coffee makers, in addition to the luxurious bathroom that contains a luxurious bathrobe with a hair dryer for hair drying.
  • Resort restaurants, these restaurants provide a variety of opportunities to eat between open and closed places and international, Lebanese, Asian and European cuisine in 14 different restaurants located in the resort.
  • Nightclubs, the resort has a number of award-winning international nightclubs in Dubai.
  • The spa is characterized by a huge size and a wonderful design, which provides a sense of comfort and relaxation for guests, within a variety of options between Moroccan bath, massage beds, natural and medical treatments for skin and face, with several angles for the entertainment of children accompanying their mothers.

The Dubai Palm Resort & Spa

The Palm Dubai Resort and Spa is located on the Palm Jumeirah, and the resort features its own sandy beach. It also contains three swimming pools with four restaurants, and a Thai-style spa. The most important features are the following:

  • Separate villas, the villas are above water and overlook a large pool that contains all of them, with a separate pool for each of them. Each villa has an espresso coffee machine, with Wi-Fi services and integrated interactive LED TV screens, with the ability to view data from the Internet at Electronic display devices.
  • Restaurants, restaurants provide a mixture of different experiences in the world of food, between Asian food, and the ability to eat candlelight along the beach.
  • Activities, guests of the resort can enjoy the water activities between diving, snorkeling and swimming in the waters that include music melodies, in addition to several types of treatment, such as inhalation salt and walking in the water, with special clubs for children and teenagers.

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