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Jeddah is one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is located in the western side of it, and the city of Jeddah overlooks the Red Sea, which added to its nature unparalleled beauty, as it contains many popular markets and luxury resorts, and these things all made Jeddah a tourist area and a destination for a number Great tourist.

Best resorts in Jeddah

  • Venice Chalet and Resort, this resort is very popular and famous in the city of Jeddah, and it offers the best services and the finest for its visitors throughout twenty-four hours, this resort provides visitors with private parking for their cars in addition to free internet, and this resort is set on a beach with white sand overlooking It contains turquoise water, in addition to containing a large number of palm trees, which give it charming green spots, and also provides tourists and boats to roam the Red Sea.
  • Al-Andalus Village, this village is the right place to get rid of the pressures of life, rest and recuperation. This village includes sessions overlooking the Red Sea for families, swimming pools and health clubs dedicated to men and others intended for women, and this village includes many villas overlooking the Red Sea, as it is It includes many entertainment facilities for adults and children.
  • Marasina Beach Resort, this resort contains a public swimming pool, and many villas that satisfy all tastes, consisting of two floors and in its front area includes a pool, in addition to the green spaces that give the resort a distinctive beauty, and provides its customers with many services and the best quality.
  • Moon Resort Makarim This resort is located in the northern side of Obhur Bay, it offers integrated services to its visitors, it has a health club for women and includes a sauna and a fitness room, in addition to a swimming pool, and also a health club for men that includes a sauna, fitness, tennis, and table Billionaire, as it contains approximately fifty-three villas, forty-seven of which consist of two floors and consist of two bedrooms and a maid’s room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a dining room, and the rest of the villas consist of one floor and consists of a bedroom, a maid’s room, a bathroom, and a dining room And a kitchen.
  • Marjan Resort, and this resort is also one of the best resorts in Jeddah, this resort includes about ninety villas, twenty four duplex villas, fifty two suspended villas in the Red Sea, and twenty four villas consisting of five rooms, three of which are for sleeping, one for food and one for sitting, Two bathrooms, a kitchen, and this resort also includes a large football field, marine tanks, giant TV screens, many restaurants, ice cream parcels and gifts, and ballroom rooms, among others.

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