The best restaurants in San Francisco

The best restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of America’s distinct and unique cities, and food is one of the most enjoyable, and the best activities through which you can discover this distinction. The city’s kitchen is characterized by a great diversity where you can taste delicious dishes and dishes from around the world.

The best restaurants in San Francisco .. Treat your senses with unique dishes


Delphina is among San Francisco's top restaurants for its simplicity and originality. This is alongside the wonderful and friendly staff. The restaurant blends italyn and Asian style of cooking, so you can savor delicious dishes. Including a dish of grilled calamari salad, braised bunny meat, fried potato fingers, grilled chicken, and fresh salmon salad. Besides all these advantages, its prices are not beyond acceptable, so you can enjoy a dish prepared with love and perfection without harming your budget. Address: 3621 18 St San Francisco, CA 9411The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoDelfina Read also: The best restaurants in Los Angeles

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Boulevard Boulevard

The Boulevard restaurant overlooks a charming panoramic view, as it is located in one of the historic buildings on the waterfront city. So if you are planning a romantic dinner that's your destination. The menu features ingredients, local flavors blended with French style of cooking. It appears in a number of mouth-watering dishes such as; Sonoma Foix Grass, and California Sea Bass Ala Planche. Made designs inspired by Pat Coleto, The distinctive Chef Oaks style that mixes American-French cuisine; Boulevard is a landmark in San Francisco. Address: 1 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 941051581205509 74 The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoBoulevard Boulevard

La Folie

A small family run restaurant whose dishes carry the flavor of French cuisine. La Foyle is distinguished by its wonderful design that attracts tourists and locals, making it among the best restaurants in San Francisco. It appears in green fabrics, wooden tables, and mirrors where you feel luxury, sophistication, and comfort. It takes you to another world of flavors such as Joy has vaver, foie gras lollipop, roast rabbit meat with fresh vegetables, and steamed halibut with tomato koftop. Served in one serving with either three, four, or five dishes, this is alongside delicious vegetarian dishes Address: 2316 Polk St San Francisco, CA 941091581205509 786 The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoLa Folie Read also: The Best Los Angeles Clothing Stores

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Greens Restaurant

A restaurant specialized in vegetarian foods, distinguished by Chef Annie Somerville by creating a daily menu that includes a number of fresh, delicious ingredients. The chef picks its ingredients from the restaurant garden that includes various types of delicious vegetables. You can try one of those delicious dishes that are very popular; broccoli pizza, Spicy red curry and spinach linguini. The restaurant has an enchanting facade of charm, which makes you have an unforgettable wonderful time. Address: Marina Boulevard & Buchanan St San Francisco, CA941231581205509 555 The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoGreens Restaurant


Chef Lawrence Guzel gives Nuba a great reputation, thanks to his distinctive dishes, which give a modern touch, and distinct flavors to the traditional dishes. The most delicious of these dishes; Moroccan vegetable tagine, and royal salmon grilled on the flame of firewood. Its ingredients are not local, organic, and fresh. Enjoy friendly, fun staff along with its ergonomic design that makes you feel at home. Address: 560 Devadadero St San Francisco, CA941171581205509 352 The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoNopa

Slanted Door

The sloping door is one of the best restaurants in San Francisco where; huge numbers of tourists visit, and locals enjoy the breath-taking waterfront, and delicious Vietnamese dishes. Caramel Sauce, Chilli, And Fresh Ginger. Address: 1 Ferry San Francisco Building, CA 941111581205509 424 The best restaurants in San Francisco - The best restaurants in San FranciscoSlanted Door

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