Shopping places are famous in Bandung or Bandung, which is a first-class tourist city and despite its small size it is considered a symbol of tourism in Indonesia, as it is considered the third city in terms of importance, and one of the most distinguishing features of Bandung is that it is surrounded by many volcanoes that protect it from enemies Unfortunately, but it poses a great danger to its inhabitants at many times, and due to the city’s distinctive tourist attractions and monuments, many tourists accept it from all over the world to enjoy taking the most beautiful memorial pictures beside its tourist attractions and monuments that express ancient history, such as What they consider to be a city of wonderful tourist shopping cities that contain many shops and tourist shopping stores, Bandung City is famous for making tea and cultivating fresh strawberries, and restaurants that offer the tastiest and most delicious types of food with different tastes are spread, and the city is also famous for its distinct markets whose prices vary It suits all groups, and our journey today will be in Bandung, Indonesia, during which we will learn about the most important and largest markets and shops of all kinds, and we move from one place to another to learn about the advantages of each market and its services that it provides to tourists and the local people of the country.

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Places to shop in Bandung City

Bandung Super Mall

Bandung Super Mall is one of the most famous newly established tourist places, and the mall has been very popular with tourists due to the excellent services it provides to everyone at affordable prices. It also has many products and supplies that everyone needs and contains high-end stores and games halls And cinema to enjoy spending wonderful times in the company of friends and family, as well as the mall contains halls dedicated to children’s games and game of billiards and bowling favored by many, not only that, but the mall contains many restaurants that offer delicious foods along with a group of cafes a T receives visitors from around the world, and works from the mall at ten in the morning until ten o’clock pm and receives thousands of daily visitors who enjoy shopping in the finest shops and shops.

Trans Studio Mall
Trans Studio neighborhood is adjacent to the famous Bandung Mall Super Mall, so they appear as one place on the map of Bandung, Trans Studio Mall is considered one of the most important and newest modern malls that include more than a hundred distinct restaurants, each of them specializes in providing the best popular and international dishes, and the mall includes a large group of High-end stores, especially women’s fashion stores, are also available stores that specialize in selling men’s and children’s clothing. The number of these stores is about 200 distinct stores that vary in price to suit all groups. It contains many places dedicated to eating in addition to a large cinema and a distinct theater that attracts tourists. To roam and enjoy the entertainment and purchasing a wonderful experience, no different in his appointments from Bandung Super Mall It starts at ten in the morning and closes at ten pm every day, and demand it be severe, especially in times of weekends.

Paris van Java mall

It is also considered a market among the modern markets that includes many international brands and wonderful products, and the Java Mall is one of the most popular markets that tourists prefer than others, especially in the evening period when the demand for the mall is very large due to the availability of restaurants and cafes with appropriate prices where the mall does Many discounts and offers on his products, which attracts people from different regions, in addition to the presence of the famous cinemas and hypermarket “Carrefour”.

Kings shopping center

This center is located in the heart of Bandung City and it is one of the wonderful popular markets in which you can find everything you need from clothes, bags and shoes made of natural leather, along with the presence of many different products that suit all family members, boys and girls, men, women and children, all of that You will find it at affordable prices for everyone if you compare it with the prices of other places and shops. The Kings Shopping Center contains a group of famous restaurants such as Kentucky Restaurant and the famous McDonald’s Restaurant. The center opens its doors at ten in the morning and closes at ten in the evening, and receives thousands of visitors in the form of Lome, and especially in the holidays and official holidays.

Jeans street

Image result for Jeans StreetThis street is suitable for lovers of wearing clothes and pants made of jeans, as you will find in it all the products made of excellent jeans materials, as there are clothes that suit men and women, you can choose your prefer from jackets, jeans, trousers, children’s clothes and other other clothes and fashion and style accessories, These products are distinguished by their great prices and are also characterized by the presence of many attractive shapes and figures that adorn the various types of shops. It is a distinctive popular street that is recommended to pass through and tour when visiting the city of Bandung and enjoy a shop. Unique shopping.

Baru Bazar market

The Barrow Bazaar is a popular first-class market that consists of eight different floors, and each floor specializes in selling things and supplies that differ from other floors, surely you will find everything that suits you from modern modern products, along with the presence of many products such as bags, shoes, and women’s and men’s clothing. And children, this market is crowded in a lot of times and the demand for it increases on weekends, and the Baro Bazaar is one of the best markets that tourists are advised to visit and benefit from the services it provides, it opens its doors for everyone and sells its products at cheap and suitable prices. And until here our journey has ended onPromise a new journey in which to enjoy learning about the most important places and tourist cities in Indonesia, which attracts millions of tourists annually.

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