The best shopping places in Berlin

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A guide to the most famous shopping places in Berlin, which is the German capital located to the east of Germany and about seventy kilometers from the borders of Poland, which is the largest German city in size and density, and Berlin became the capital of Germany for the first time in 1701 AD.
But the events that ended in the fall of Napoleon’s occupation led to success, then Berlin returned to the capital of New Germany in 1871 AD. With the outbreak of World War II, the city was destroyed by almost two thirds of its buildings and its important features were defaced.
What resulted in the division of the city into four sections: the Soviets, the Americans, the British, and the French accounted for each part, and then the well-known Berlin Wall was established to separate East Berlin from West Berlin, which did not last long, as it fell in 1989 AD and Germany was unified in 1990 AD and its capital became Berlin.
As for the tourist Berlin, it is one of the wealthiest countries with its very distinct tourist and archaeological sites, including the Brindburg Gate, the East End Gallery, the Reichstag Building, the Charlottenburg Palace, the TV Tower, the Kaiser Wilhelm Church and finally Friedrich Street.

The most important shopping destinations in Berlin:

Shopping is one of the important activities that the tourist and the visitor are keen for anywhere, as he can get the needed products for this country. The idea of ​​linking shopping to travel is due to psychological factors and customary legacies.
Where the traveler used to shopping in a country, buying things as a souvenir, and gifting the family and friends awaiting his return, and since the city of Berlin was one of the well-known tourist destinations in the world, it was obvious that it was distinguished by the availability of its markets.
As well as the centers of sale and purchase in all parts of those markets, which died their residents and expatriates need to shop! Among the most important and most famous shopping centers in the German capital Berlin we can show them at the following points:

  • Friedrichstraße:

Which enjoys its distinguished strategic location as it represents the link between the eastern region and the western region, and it can be reached easily thanks to the means of transportation available around it, this street is one of the most important shopping areas in Berlin as it contains the elite of shops and international brands, especially with regard to the world of fashion and elegance. The street is not without an impressive array of restaurants and cafes.

  • KaDeWe or Harrods Berlin:

It is also called sometimes and it is one of the important centers and it is considered the largest shopping center in Berlin, there is a complex of shops with famous brands, and it is characterized by its beauty, which makes touring a pleasure in itself. It consists of several floors, each of which specializes in specific goods, in which you can find cosmetic supplies and luxurious perfumes, and what you need of men, women or children clothes, as well as the availability of leather products of the finest types in shoes, bags and many others.

  • Gallery Lafayette:

It is one of the stores known for its international brands, where the finest types of fashion and the most luxurious cosmetics and accessories are located at the corner of Friedrichstrasse Street.

  • Berlin Mall:

And about this mall and its magnitude and magnificence happened and no embarrassment, it is the most famous mall among the malls of Berlin was opened not so long ago in the year 2014 AD, close to Potsdam square, as well as it includes a complex of luxury and distinctive shops that number 270 or more, and is distinguished by its area It is wide and requires long hours to roam its pillars.

  • Alexander Square:

One of the important shopping centers in Berlin is distinguished because it includes a variety of commercial shops, and then you can find there all your needs, whether fashion, cosmetic, world-class, or others.

  • ALEXA:)

It is a huge mall that contains nearly 180 diverse stores, as it has many restaurants and many cafes as well, as well as the wonderful places of entertainment that serve everyone who is keen to have fun alongside shopping.

  • Corvorstendamm Street:

It is considered one of the most important shopping destinations in Berlin, but in Germany as a whole, as the major shops extend on both sides of the street to provide shopping services for those who want to buy fashion, perfumes, gifts or other things.
It is worth noting that we make it clear that the capital, Berlin, which is full of shopping centers, is not exclusive to luxury and affluent people or those with international tastes, but rather it provides what suits all levels and satisfies all tastes.


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