The best sights and family activities in Dubai

The best sights and family activities in Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark

This popular theme park is located inside the Atlantis The Palm, and its visit is one of the best family activities in Dubai. This water park includes many water games and slide games, and many marine creatures such as sharks and stingrays. Some of the hugely popular games include the Neptune Tower and the Poseidon Tower, as well as the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay is located in Atlantis, The Palm, and is one of the best places in Dubai to enjoy unique family activities, such as watching dolphins, playing and swimming with them, or diving alongside them. This adventure includes many educational programs that provide an opportunity to get up close to these pet creatures.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the world and is an ideal place to spend quality time with your family in Dubai. The resort has snow slopes to ski and play various games, as well as penguins that you can play and take pictures with. You can also get lessons in freestyle skiing and snowboarding by expert experts.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The best sights and family activities in Dubai - The best sights and family activities in Dubai Dubai Aquarium is the second largest aquarium and water zoo in the world, and one of the most important and prominent features of the Dubai Mall. This giant aquarium includes more than 140 species of marine creatures, including sharks and stingrays that can be seen in the shark tunnel. The Aquarium also offers a variety of exciting activities such as diving with sharks, diving inside a closed cage, and snorkelling with a breathing tube.

Dubai Autodrome

If you are a fan of cars and races, Dubai Autodrome is the ideal destination in the city, where you can drive the most famous racing cars such as “Audi R8 ″” “Audi TT” and “McLaren” and many famous racing cars. You can also enjoy driving on the professional racing track with a professional coach. Children can also ride driving simulators and ride “karting” cars, in addition to many interactive activities.

IFLY Dubai

I-Fly Dubai is one of the best indoor centers for free jumping, as it uses high-speed air pressure that allows visitors to the center to float in the air. The center is very popular especially for children, as it provides family members with a very wonderful entertainment experience, through flying in the air, free jumping and others.

Wild Wadi Water Park

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Wild Wadi Water Park is located next to the famous Burj Al Arab hotel, and is part of the Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts group. This massive water park includes more than 30 games that guarantee a good time with family and children, and it is characterized by its unique design, which is inspired by the stories and anecdotes of Juha. Enjoy highsurfing in “Goha River’s Journey” in addition to other exciting water slide games.


The KidZania Center is located in the Dubai Mall and is one of the most important fun games cities in Dubai, providing children with a safe, educational and interactive interactive environment. The idea is to have children choose the profession they prefer, then the children play these roles and learn many things about each profession in a way that pleasantly combines entertainment and learning. KidZania has become one of the most creative and interactive family-friendly centers, and is very popular with the city quail and its residents.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden (or Miracle Garden) is one of the most important landmarks of Dubai, and it has entered the Guinness Book of Records with the largest flower wall in the world. It is one of the most recent tourist attractions in the emirate, and includes more than 45 million flowers of various types, colors and designs decorated with castles, arches and other structures.

Sega Republic

Sega Republic is an entertainment complex located in the Dubai Mall, and includes 14 games and more than 150 video games. The bulk of the complex is divided into five areas, including simulation games, virtual games, and skill games such as Rollercoaster, Spin Gear, Half Pipe Canyon, Sonic Hopper, and Storm G, among many other interesting games.

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