The best time to book Umrah tickets at the lowest prices

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If you intend to perform Umrah soon, there is no doubt that you, like all the millions of Muslims around the world who go to Mecca annually, think about the costs of the trip, the prices of airline tickets, and the documents and papers necessary for Umrah.
And because Umrah trips prices are high for each and granting their visas only through authorized agencies, we have prepared this post to help you save some money and prepare the necessary documents necessary for travel.
The best time to travel for a minor pilgrimage is the summer, specifically from March to July (except for the days of Ramadan). If you can book a flight ticket during this period, you will save a large amount, and of course the savings will be greater if you travel with the family.
After managing the trip, you should consider the Umrah visa, which can be obtained within nine months of the year, starting from December to the end of August, and is valid for fifteen days. The Saudi government has granted several agencies permission to issue Umrah visas, so you should check carefully with the agency that you chose to deal with before proceeding with the procedures.

The documents necessary to obtain an Umrah visa

1. Fill out and sign the Umrah visa application.
2. Two personal photos with color and white background.
3. If the name of one of the pilgrims does not indicate that he is a Muslim, he must submit a certificate from any Islamic mosque or center confirming that the applicant is a Muslim.
4. The passport must be valid for a period of six months from the date of submission of the visa application form.
5. A non-refundable airline ticket. The pilgrim must leave Saudi Arabia within two weeks from the date he entered it.


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